Tuesday, 31 December 2013
For 14 years Lower Saxony's Justice Minister has shown mercy in our prisons at Christmas time: prisoners who have behaved well and only have a month left on their sentences are released early.

Does this practice discriminate against Muslims, to whom Christmas means nothing?

Now a politician has been first to raise the question of a second date for premature releases: the regional member of parliament Belit Onay (32, Greens) wants a "Ramadan Pardon".

In his view, prisoners should also get early release before the Muslim fasting period. Onay: "There are many prisoners with Muslim beliefs. For them it would be an important contribution to resocialisation if they could spend Ramadan with their families. That could reduce re-offending."

...This year 88 prisoners were released early from Lower Saxony's prisons for Christmas - regardless of belief. Onay: "At Ramadan, a pardon should be granted for all religions."

The Justice Ministry is studying the suggestion.
Source: Bild


Anonymous said...

Let me guess:

Europeans are to be given mercy only to Christmas

Muslims get mercy at both Christmas and Ramadam.

Anyone wants to bet against me?

If yes, I have a cheap Bridge to sell...

Anonymous said...

This comment was meant for this post, not the Wilders post.

Someone has disemboweled the Germans on purpose. Someone with a huge agenda and who is angry for past German misdeeds. Flooding Germany with these disrespectful psychos, while shrieking "Nazi!" every time their illegal and sociopathic behaviors are challenged, is payback, pure and simple.

Unfortunately, the naive and foolish German youth will go right along with their own demise.

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