Thursday, 5 December 2013

Immigrants would like to see a lower number of foreigners in the schools where their children go. This was the conclusion of the survey “Education, Milieu, Immigration” from the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, the newspaper Die Welt reports. “Many immigrants complain that their children have lower chances in the school because there are too many children with immigrant backgrounds”, project manager Meral Cerci told the newspaper.

This requirement is to be found in all groups of immigrants. "It is present even in the strongly religious and tradition-rooted ones. All want the best education for their children". But the fact that in spite of this children of immigrants are concentrating in schools is explained by Cerci as being the result of the ignorance of parents. Many of them bring their children to the nearby school, where those of their acquaintances already go.

120 members of immigrant families from various countries were interviewed for this project of the Heinrich-Heine University which started in 2012, and will close in 2014. According to the Mercator Foundation, 300,000 euros were allocated for this project. Apart from Mercator, the Vodafone Foundation is also involved in it.
Source: Junge Freiheit


hoosier said...

Leftists love to say that we need foreiners to do jobs that the indigenous people don't want to do. That's a bunch of crap. Its not 1800 anymore, we've got machines to do all that labor. I just read a report that robots will take half our jobs within 20 years. The Japs seem to be the only industrialized people who understand that in this day and age immigrants are a lot more trouble than they're worth. They just come here to leech off the welfare system and bang our women. That's the main two reasons. They all hate their own countries or else they wouldn't come here.

Anonymous said...

Multicult Nobel Gala artist
Rapper Timbuktu gets Swedish "Tolerance" Prize in parlament Riksdagen, "for his work against racism" - after rapping about how he would like to beat SD politician "Yellow and Blue" with an iron pipe

Pica pica said...

So very funny, where are the racists?

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