Monday, 9 December 2013

This story comes from the Kybeline blog, through a personal contact in the south of Germany.
My name is Annette Schneider (name changed for safety reasons). When I was still professionally employed, I worked as a employee in the Foreigner Office in the local city government. I had to process the residency and citizenship applications and performed my work conscientiously over several decades, as I was reliant on my salary. I was a single mother and could not rely on anyone.

Perhaps I should have thought better about it in my youth and looked for another employer, but at that time the city council was considered a good employer and I felt happy there when I could help people from other cultures find their way in our society to better integrate themselves.

Every now and then there were unpleasant experiences. Sometimes the applicants didn't fulfil the conditions for citizenship and we had to reject the application. Sometimes one of them became enraged, lost it and unleashed their anger against us.

For example, once there was a Turk we had to reject, Hakan Öney (name changed). When the office rejected his application, he filed a complaint against me, as I had processed his application. Of course the judge didn't find in his favour, but he couldn't come to terms with that.

I've now been in retirement for several years and I thought that all these quarrels, big and small, that I had experienced in the Foreigner Office, were finally behind me and I could enjoy my well-earned retirement.

But that wasn't what happened. The past dragged me back in.

I live in a council house, as I don't get a very large pension and I need the payment from the Housing Office to pay the rent. When I moved in here, the house and the neighbourhood were OK. But now only Turks live around me. All German families moved away. And as Fate would have it, one of my new neighbours is exactly the same Turk who filed a complaint against me years ago and lost. He hasn't forgotten his rancour. Every day he takes revenge on me. His children harass me all the time, always throw the ball against my door, or kick the door in so I get a fright every time. I hardly dare go out of my house any more, as I am very afraid of him. Once they beat so hard against my door that I had to call the police. When the police came, I discovered to my horror that the policeman was also a Turk, a friend of Hakan Öney's family. He wouldn't take my complaint. Quite the opposite. He even threaened me if I stood by my complaint.

What can I do? I can't move away. I don't have enough money. My pension is too small. And, actually, where should I go? This is my city, this was my life, this is the place I know.
Source: Kybeline


Anonymous said...

I genuinely feel for this lady. She has been let down badly by her government. She has worked all her life and has nothing but abuse in her future. This could be the future for any of us native Europeans.

Roni said...

We should be very grateful to people like the German Ms. Schneider . She dares to come out with true terrifying story on the " successful integration of immigrants". The more of such stories come to light, the more people would revolt . The official " PRAVDA- media ' full of disinformation in European countries do everything to silence the truth and dim reality on indigenous victims of multiculturalism and cultural relativism. In the Netherlands such scenes happen quite often . Yet, there are very few people who dare to bring their story out . That does not only happen to people in the contaminated areas of the big cities. The source of infection has already spread throughout the whole country .
See :
Family flight neighbors ( Honselerdijk )
The list can go on and on and on .

No government in Europe with traditional coalitions will ever make an end to this situation. The Transport Branch in the Netherlands (especially in Inland waterways transport) has a slogan : the polluter pays. However, the current government, which is mainly composed of socialist and liberal 'polluters', would never pay for their actions. The big cleanup will occur in the future , with the help of young people from the ' Generation identitaire ' movement and other anti- EU and anti- Islam parties .

Anonymous said...

So his citizenship application was rejected years back, but he is still there?

I feel sorry for this woman, but she is now caught in a trap towards whose manufacture she herself contributed.

"I felt happy there when I could help people from other cultures find their way in our society to better integrate themselves."

Other true Germans will have had their lives made hellish as a result of her helping these people from other cultures "find their way".

Anonymous said...

Yes, the German government has betrayed the poor lady and most of the German people are too coward and/or too selfish to defence the poor lady


Unfortunately,many people are going to experience this violence and intimidation,for all of these years they have buried their heads in the sand,pretending that this could not possibly happen in a "democracy",though in their hearts of hearts they have always known that it would,and now our enemy is so well entrenched in the organs of power that we can not fight them,

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right and it's good to see, that you got the point. Yesterday, a friend, who took care of her, said how shocked and said she was, because some people would't believe it was true.


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