Saturday, 14 December 2013

More from the French government's integration genocide plan:
A new Pantheon and new streets. Other changes desired by the authors of the report: a new Pantheon. "The history that is taught refers to representative figures who, to a very large extent, remain white and heterosexual 'great men'. There are thus very high stakes involved in evolving the 'pantheon' of figures supposed to embody the great movements, eras and diverse dynamics of society. In this whole series of initiatives, use will also be made of the creation of "new streets and town and village squares" which echo this history of migrations."
Source: Europe1


Dr Bazooka said...

They do this for years in Paris and in the infested zones. Streets, places, gymnasiums, schools, libraries, commemorative plaques...
The best known example is maybe the Avicenne hospital (Paris).
In october, the "Bibliothèque Mouffetard" (Paris) was renamed "Mohamed Arkoun".

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the way cities were planned in the Middle Eastern areas of the Mediterranean two thousand years ago and more. Get in, move the people out, keep the wealth and go on with your own people. In other words, a hostile take-over.

Roni said...

This was done before: by the Communists. It would not help the multiculturalists that much. Most people do not trust them anymore.

Bernard said...

They want to erase us and our history. Communist bâtards! They should eat only rat!

Roni said...

@Bernard 14 December 16.45 h
Cher Monsieur Bernard. They want to rewrite the French history now, in order to terminate the French nation on the long run. However, the ones who will eat rats are we, the populo!. Not the multicultural Bon-Vivant. How can you expect of people with political-correct Socialist delicate stomach to eat rats? They are used to eat in Maxim, Tour d’Argent etc. When they have sessions in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (only 4 x a month) they get their for lunch the best Champaign, the best fois gras and other delicates. See link:
And you know what? At the time France (or other Western European country) will finally catch fire, the Communist, Socialist and other bâtards wouldn’t be there. You will find them somewhere behind the Mont Blanc as near as possible to their Swiss bank account. Vive la Vie.

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