Thursday, 19 December 2013
"This Tuesday, we received a note from Toulouse regional management, demanding that we withdraw the crib as quickly as possible", explains an SNCF employee [French railways]. "The management explained to us that it had received a complaint from a user who was shocker to see an obvious religious sign in a public place," continues another employee. "The worst thing is, we know who this complaint was coming from," another employee claims.

Unhappy aboutthis, the railway workers in Villefranche have refused to comply with their management's request. "We've been installing a crib here on one of the counters for ten years now. We don't see why that should change! Our crib is always in place. It will stay there, but seemingly covered up," concludes one railway worker.

The sign reads:
Following a complaint from a client, we cannot show the crib. A creche that Villefranche railway station has been displaying for 10 years!!

Toulouse, you will recall, is where the jihadist Mohamed Merah came from.


Anonymous said...

Ask the jewish French president what he thinks of this covering up at the insistence of the invaders.

Anonymous said...

Why do governments, companies and public offences always cave in to the demands or complaints from ONE person? This is happening far too often in the West because of over-sensitive muslims!

Did anyone think to consider the views of the thousands of train passengers who have seen the nativity for the past 10 years? No doubt many of them enjoy it, after all its Christmas and France has (well, did have) a strong Christian culture.

They should tell the idiot who made the complaint to vanish up their own asshole because that is the only place suitable for them!

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - I think the point is to make the Christians feel subdued. Next they will play politically correct songs over the public speaker system. "Oh Little Occupied Town Of Bethlehem", "Oh Come Let Us Adore Allah".

Roni said...

It is well known phenomenon that groupies are always very fanatic and some of them reach extremism. In this case, the leftist and liberal multiculturalists are more fanatic on what Muslims do not like than the Muslims themselves. In Norway it was the little cross on the necklace of NRK newsreader and in France it is the Christmas Nativity scene. The complainer can be found among the political-correct groupie who is afraid that Muslims would not like it. I hope the SNCF employees of Villefranche will show backbone and not to give up. It is their right to have the crib and if someone does not like it, it is his or her problem.

Delboy. said...

Islam wins again.

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