Tuesday, 17 December 2013
"Too many citizenships are given to people from the Muslim world, and therefore the Danish Peoples' Party votes no.
'We are seeing a replacement of the Danish population' and the 422 Afghans and Iraqis on the list 'should be sent home to help build up their countries.'"

Source: JP

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Roni said...

It is an excellent idea of the DF. I hope Christian Thulesen Dahl is as firm on the issue as his predecessor Pia Kjaersgaard. There are only 4,5 millions Danes against millions if not billions of Muslims worldwide. A group that intend to conquer the planet by the power of their loins and the power of guns. Muslims who already live in Denmark prove to be a hazard. They are a serious threat. If Muslims have pleasure in bloodshed in their own country; let it be. It is nobody’s business. The same is valid for the tsumai waves of negroes from Africa. A tiny country as Denmark has to select new comers very carefully. Following the line of political-correct Gutmenschen is equal to committing suicide.

Mahamed Ahmed said...

You are keep saying negroes from Africa, what a stupid racist you are.
Do you know what negro means in Latin you stupid uneducated idiot it means black.
So don't use something you don't what it means or you might be calling your sweet mum names.

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