Sunday, 22 December 2013
"For many years, the Danish magazine "People in Motion " covered EU summits, but it's over now. The magazine is denied access to the EU's press center on the grounds that the magazine is published by organization associated to several parties. The organization behind the magazine's People's Movement against the EU. ...
'It is completely unacceptable. The magazine is a recognized Danish media working according to Danish laws on media, and we have real journalists working for us. We have done this for years,' said Søren Søndergaard (N), Member of the European Parliament for the People's Movement against the EU.
'If you think that the EU has a democratic deficit, then one can certainly see that it has grown,' he said.
Question: Do you think that the rejection constitutes censorship?
'We can only ascertain what the effect is. The effect is censorship. The effect is that an EU-critical media is excluded from what other media have access to. The reason given is completely absurd,' said Sondergaard.
He says that the Danish Union of Journalists is involved in the case and supports the requirement that 'People in Motion' be granted access to cover the summits."
Source: BT

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- Nicolai


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Bipartisan? There must be something missing in the translation of this term. I don't understand the objection.

Anonymous said...

Other opinion than that of the EU? Bipartisan => wrong opinion

Anonymous said...

The EU stinks! Get rid of it!

Roni said...

In Dutch there is an adage that say’s : ‘A cornered cat in making strange moves’. The adage fits perfectly the situation in which the EU finds itself today. The EU upper-echelon realizes that the house that had built so carefully, is starting gradually to collapse. Social Engineering tactics of disinformation, brainwash, half lies and false PR that had worked perfectly in the last 40 years, are failing. The new reality had torn the mask. It shows the ugly face of this dictatorial Soviet-like organization that was meant to bring peace and wealth to all of us. Excluding the Danish magazine points out that the EU has no business with democracy. In the long run they will even have Goelags. It is indeed time to dismantle it. The EU brings us in danger.

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