Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Konan Vader said...

and Bulgaria is now a part of EU....good luck to all of us

Anonymous said...

1 euro a day goes very far in bulgaria, since most of them have families consisting of 6-7 people, that's 7 euros a day. they could just buy pizzas for each other and have change left over for essentials.

if they don't like it they can fuck off but they won't, they'll move on to scandinavia or the uk

Anonymous said...

"Every person slave, of any gender, faith, nationality to become free once set foot on Bulgarian territory," states adopted 1878, in the first 19th-century Bulgarian Constitution.

The muslim turks stepped in Europe in century, in 1453 enslaved Constantinople, now Turkey is 99 % percent islamic country, supported by UK, US politics.
We accepted many armenian when in 1892 , in the time of Abdul Hamid and after European governments were deaf to the extermination of christianity in Asia Minor. 30 000 armenian rested now in Bulgaria, some went to West Europe.
now is different, this is the second wave in these turkish games. Our muslims are not fanatics, in fact they are our local population islamized and manipulated by Ottoman oppressors and now by turks. And these emigrants passing just want to reach Western Europe. Our politics are professional crooks, first will cry to the West to sent some money and after years or two silently will send the people to the West.

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