Thursday, 5 December 2013
Brussels: a sect preaching Muslim creationism distributes Korans in letter boxes

A certain number of inhabitants of Brussels, mainly in Anderlecht and Jette, got a surprise when they opened their letter boxes in recent days: they discovered a richly illustrated, 250-page book extolling the merits of the Koran. However, the work written by one Haroun Yaya, guru of a sect and apostle of Muslim creationism, strongly resembles propaganda.

In Jette, the burgomeister Hervé Doyen is taking the matter very seriously, according to the daily newspaper La Dernière heure. He can't ban the practice because it doesn't violate the law. On the other hand, he has promised to contact the Federal Parliamentary Commission against Cults.

Hervé Doyen wants to denounce the existence of such practices.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Let's burn them! Keep them coming!!

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