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See the book's preface in my post yesterday.
The book consists entirely of short essays, or position statements, on specific topics, mostly addressed to the "68ers" in a tone of passionate indignation.

The ideological roots of this movement seem to lie in the works of Guillaume Faye. He pioneered this notion of "identity" which seems to be similar if not identical to what I usually call "peoplehood". Its practical political purpose seems to be to relegitimate discussion of the genetic aspect of a people's uniqueness, by referencing ancestry, without getting bogged down in the murky waters of race. Again, this seems to parallel my own thoughts about the limitations of the concept of the "white race", which, in my view, constitutes just another form of intellectual genocide in that it erases the distinctiveness of all the peoples of Europe. The "identity" concept also allows for the affirmation of sub-national, "regional" particularities - Catalan, Breton, etc.

The book says nothing specifically about Jews or Free Speech. It opposes the EU but seems open to the idea of another form of European Confederation.

Their positioning on some of the major issues is as follows.

On the Nazis:
National Socialism determined your entire thinking. No one shaped your worldview more than Adolf Hitler.

Nazism was racist, so you wanted to be ‘anti-racist.’ Nazism was nationalist? Naturally, you became internationalist. It was militaristic, fascistic, and imperialistic, and so you became anti-military, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist. If Nazism promoted a belief in the traditional family, you had to damn that as well.

In this way, Adolf Hitler became your greatest role model.

On racism:
You seek to avenge yourselves by interpreting our affirmation of life and of Europe as racism.
But is everyone who believes that there are different peoples, cultures, and identities, and that this is good, really a racist?

We won’t let this label stick on us!

If you smear every affirmation of one’s own identity with accusations of racism, then everyone is a racist, always was a racist, and will always be a racist. Even you are no exception to this rule.

Yes, we could even accuse you of racism. Only in this way could one explain your pathological hatred of Europe.

On questions of foreign policy, they object to Europe's subservience to America.
American armies defended Europe and attacked everyone who threatened Europe, or who the Americans claimed to be doing so.

You could stand by and point accusingly at the murdering Americans, while at the same time being glad that they took the fighting off your hands. Despite your hypocritical rejection of the Americans, you still remain in an alliance with them.

What they demanded in return, namely the participation of European soldiers in American crusades, seemed to you a reasonable price. So it was that the sons of Europe died in lands where they had no business being in the first place.

...Europe needs its own army. A capable and organised fighting force, whose goal is not the invasion of other countries, but the protection of European neutrality on a global scale.

That which Switzerland is to Europe, Europe must become to the world. A strong and independent region that attacks no one, and that no one dares to attack.

...NATO has long passed its expiration date.

America won’t help us in the future, and we identitarian Europeans have no interest in fighting America’s battles. It’s therefore up to us to find a new way.

Europe needs its own army. A capable and organised fighting force, whose goal is not the invasion of other countries, but the protection of European neutrality on a

And, unlike the Jewish-dominated Counterjihad movement, they show no interest in intervening in the Middle East.
Wars, conflicts, and hate that persist for decades are the result when different peoples are forced to be together in the same territory. Thanks to you, a similar fate threatens Europe.

In the war for the Middle East, however, we remain neutral. Neither party is good or evil. Both peoples must fight, because they can’t do otherwise. We understand this and hope that Europe is spared similar conflicts. We struggle for peace.
For we are generation identity.

On Islam:
We don’t commit the error of many conservatives who declare Islam to be their absolute enemy. We don’t believe that one should try and convert Muslims to so-called ‘Western values’ — quite the opposite! We neither want to disturb the identity of Muslims, nor do we want to launch crusades against the East as you did.

We condemn neither Muslims nor Islam. Here we are a thousand times more tolerant than you ever were. We neither hate nor demonise. We don’t claim to have found the absolute truth, but recognise the unique and legitimate truths of each and every culture.
Yet in some matters, we brook no argument.

The presence of millions of Muslims in Europe represents a continuing threat to the peace of our continent. Not because the Muslims are the embodiment of pure evil, but because your multicultural society doesn’t work.

Some of the historical pronouncements in the text strike me as jejune. Nonetheless, youthful simplicity has its charm and its utility. Attaching a counter-current, rebellious "cool" factor to European nationalism may be a necessary part of the process in bringing this madness to an end. Although I am more critical of Islam than they seem to want to be, I fail to see how this movement can be anything other than a good thing. Unlike the "Defence League" movements, which are strongly influenced, if not remote controlled, by people on the other side of the Atlantic, many of Middle Eastern origin, this movement is at least authentically European. And getting a manifesto published in book form shows a degree of organisation and ideological verve none of the Defence Leagues have yet attained, nor are likely to.

At around 100 pages, the book is very short and, given that, quite expensively priced (£4.70 on Kindle, £11 in paper form). Still, at least you know it's going to a good cause. Kindle link here.


Anonymous said...

Another PC movie

Mohammed and Omar, and then blond girl

Anonymous said...

They were doing okay until they got to this point: "We condemn neither Muslims nor Islam."

That's just foolish pandering worse than the "leftards." It's utter nonsense not to condemn Islam.

Geesh. I can't cheer this group on, as they too don't have their heads on straight.

You can refrain from condemning Muslims, but we can view them as VICTIMS of Islam, not coddling their Islamist slaveholders and helping to rivet their fetters more firmly in place.

Anonymous said...

Book sounds a heap of garbage overall.

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