Wednesday, 25 December 2013
The Generation Identity movement made headlines in France last year by occupying the mosque under construction in Poitiers. Since then, it has been spreading around Europe. I have seen evidence of its activity in Germany and the Netherlands. Perhaps it has reached other countries too. This book is a kind of manifesto for the movement, although they declared "This isn't a manifesto, it's a declaration of war."

Here is the preface to the book.
Europe is in a deep crisis. This crisis weighs more heavily than the division of Europe by the Iron Curtain, or the destruction of our continent during both world wars.

This crisis is fundamentally different from others that we have lived through. It is a crisis of the European spirit.

After the National Socialist reign of terror, our continent fell sick and lost its will to live.

The next generation, the ’68ers, hated and condemned everything that had been passed down to them: every tradition, every belief in their own kind, every will toward an authentic identity.

This belief that one’s own kind is worthless — that cultures, peoples, and families count for nothing and need to be rooted out — threatens to end Europe’s existence as a continent for Europeans.

The people of Europe have lost their will to live; they are dying out, because they don’t want to thrive any longer, because they don’t want to have any more children, and because they’ve forgotten what it means to stand up and fight for one’s own.
The ideology of the ’68ers has infected Europe. It is a sickness that will kill us if we don’t find a cure. Even if we’ve lost our will to power, our neighbours haven’t, and they’re already penetrating our borders and occupying the places that we freely surrender to them.

The ideology of the ’68ers is divorced from reality and cannot endure in the long run. It will pass with time. Either we Europeans will recover and free ourselves from it, or it will drag Europe into the abyss, and we will both disappear together.

Never before in human history have foreign peoples invaded to such an extent into a populated region without encountering any resistance from its indigenous residents. That Europe is coming to an end after thousands of years of a proud history is not due to the strength of the invaders, but rather to our unwillingness to fight for our own survival.
The ’68ers have made affirming our own identity into something bad. They’ve associated it with war, destruction, mass murder and violence.

They’ve made us so doubtful of our own self-worth that we don’t dare to defend ourselves; we silently endure whatever others do to us.

We’re so afraid of being labelled ‘racists’ that we unconditionally accept anti-European racism.

When the ’68ers took power in Europe, they didn’t just allow the mass immigration of foreign peoples into Europe; they actively promoted this development. They called it multiculturalism.

We young Europeans grew up on a continent that doesn’t belong to us anymore. We have only known a culture in collapse, our peoples at the ends of their lives. We had to withstand the attempts of our parents and grandparents to uproot us and make us into ‘individuals’ without any identity. They want us to rejoice that Europe is falling, to accept and submit to its defeat. But we won’t. We rebel.

A new political current is sweeping through Europe. It has one goal, one symbol, and one thought: Identity.

It is the current of our generation. It represents European youth. A youth that wants the one thing that the ideology of the ’68ers can’t give it: a future.

Emanating from France, that proud and noble land, this new current is sweeping countless Europeans along with it. It is taking form and proclaiming the end of the era of the ’68ers, a new epoch, the age of a new generation: generation identity.

Our generation is rising up to dethrone the ’68ers. This book is no simple manifesto. It is a declaration of war. A declaration of war against everything that makes Europe sick and drives it to ruin, against the false ideology of the ’68ers. This is us declaring war on you.
Source: Generation Identity

The book is available on Amazon Kindle in English translation from a text originally in French. I'll post more about it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope they succed. I know they will, the baby boomers are retiring so it's inevetable. in the 50's-60's you could work and support one family on one wage, own your own home by 25 and just walk into a business and ASK for a job. the baby boomers have betrayed us, took everything good and squndard it and leave nothing for there children or own people. in my country a rich man a few years back GAVE $30 million to nepal! when there was high unemployment in his own country! just because he lives in luxury he will denies his own countrymen the same priviliages. Shameful!
These baby boomers are out of touch of reality

Anonymous said...

Notice how they use the term "After the National Socialist reign of terror...". What about the communist reign of terror in eastern Europe? Stalin was worse than Hitler.
The 68ers contained a great many communists in their ranks. This Generation Identity uses language such as the above to try and deflect criticism but it won't do any good. They will still be called Nazis, fascists, racists, anti-Semites, islamophobes, etc etc etc.
This policy of multiculturalism and anti European racism comes from the Jews of the Frankfurt School. All of the goals of the Frankfurt School have been achieved. Take a look at the link below and specifically at the list of 11. Ask yourself if these eleven objectives have come true -

Anonymous said...

........'68ers han hecho afirmar en algo malo. Han asociado con la guerra, nuestra propia identidad.........

El titulo del libro es Generacion identidad: una declaracion de guerra contra los 68ers.

No ve Vd. una contradiccion en esto?

Anonymous said...

A mettre en comparaison avec l'UDF (Union de Défense des Français) montée par le GUD à Lyon... Pas la même ambiance, mais bien sûr pas autant de relais médiatique. Union et Défense des Français | Facebook

Anonymous said...

Fabrice Robert et le Bloc Identitaire prônent désormais l’assimilation des immigrés

Un article signé de l’intellectuelle immigrationniste et néo-conservatrice juive Élisabeth Lévy évoque la sauterie kasher contre l’islamisation. Elle souligne la nouvelle modération de Fabrice Robert, converti récent à l’assimilationisme qu’il reprochait pourtant au Front National et qui justifiait l’existence même du Bloc Identitaire. Une petite révolution sur fond de collaboration avec la gauche laïque, la franc maçonnerie juive et la droite néo-conservatrice.
“Même Fabrice Robert, le président du Bloc identitaire, co-organisateur des festivités avec « Riposte laïque » a un discours assez raisonnable. S’il reconnaît avoir été violemment « antisioniste », il prétend être aujourd’hui villipendé par la presse d’extrême droite comme « suppôt d’Israël » ; il défend l’identité européenne mais assure que pour lui, elle n’exclut pas ceux qui ne sont ni blancs, ni chrétiens : « Ceux qui arrivent doivent accepter la culture française. Les musulmans voudraient imposer leurs valeurs, mais c’est à eux de s’intégrer. »
Comment peut-on être islamophobe ? -
Nos lecteurs avoueront que c’est là un changement radical du discours identitaire. Oubliée la “Reconquista” dont on nous rebattait pourtant les oreilles !
À force de faire le grand écart entre une base radicale et une direction prête à toutes les compromissions, il était logique que ce mouvement dépourvu de doctrine en vienne à de telles contradictions et à de tels reniements. Nous avons depuis plusieurs mois annoncé que ces pitoyables reptations devaient inévitablement aboutir là ou nous savons. Dynamique suicidaire et sans avenir appliquée par deux ou trois mouvements européens allant en Israël faire allégeance.
Au demeurant, Élisabeth Lévy se montre fidèle à son judaïsme. Elle nous explique ce que devrait être une réelle lutte contre l’Islam:
“C’est précisément le boulot auquel devraient s’atteler tous les républicains conscients : aider tous ceux qui « sont nés musulmans » et entendent le rester sans pour autant réclamer que l’on change les règles pour eux à se faire entendre. Encourager l’islam qui s’acculture et décourager celui qui déculture. Soutenir l’imam de Drancy et virer ceux qui prêchent la haine. Réprimer la délinquance et se bagarrer pour que tous ceux qui réussissent le parcours du combattant qu’est l’intégration quand on vient d’une cité et qu’on a un nom arabe aient droit aux mêmes chances que les autres.”
Bref, avoir des musulmans similaires aux catholiques d’aujourd’hui, larbins devenus inoffensifs pour les juifs. Une Amérique bis ou triompherait Israël.
Quoiqu’il en soit, cette reddition aussi discrète que spectaculaire fait aujourd’hui du Bloc Identitaire un mouvement clairement partisan d’un républicanisme assimilateur, judéophile et pro-sioniste.

ANA KORSH said...

le premier a' droite me semble-t-il un a aussi le maillot vert.

ANA KORSH said...

This is a big illusion, the "identitarians" are nothing more than the "Front National" (National Front), that's to say Zionists' bitches who are now focused only on the problem of Islam. Thanks to their little jewish intellectual leaders, they would be fine if we were invaded by christian Asians. So please, stop hail them, most of them are children who want to have fun, old guy who want to drink their vine and eat some pork, and even filthy Jews or homosexuals who fear the rise of Islam in Europe and particullarly in France ! And why's that ? Because the Jew is now playing on the false concept of judeo-christianity, the need for united front, and these idiots fall for it ! They go out and cry for judeo-christian union, for the defense of the judeo-christian civilization, and for the protection of poor Jews who are in danger in France now because of ISLAM !

It's enough with that, enough with supporting half-movments who can't go through the first ideological contradictions, enough of hailing wannabe cops who always shout "we aren't racist", little girls whose only ideological anchor is hating the apes. That's enough ! You have to know that in France we have also other organisations wich, even with their weaknesses, are more pure and more compatible with our fight, for example the "Jeunesse Nationalistes" (Nationalist Youth) and the Oeuvre Française (French Action). They are not sleeping with Israël, not giving up our fight for civilization, are against the System i.e. the Republic, the democratic way of thinking, the Jews, the banking establishment, etc. THE IDENTITARIANS ARE NOT !

Josep Trinxeria said...

Ok, they are not perfect, sure they have anyone else’s contradictions and they need to improve, but I definitively wouldn’t put them on the enemy’s side (at all). I personally like the "‘68ers approach". It is true and easy to be understood by our asleep masses. This is far better than failed ‘puristic’ formula with militaristic and outdated outfits that won’t get beyond our ranks...
They need to improve, but I think that what’s said in this speech is almost 100% with me

What's more, they focus on the young people, in both getting fit and educated, a pan-european approach (the choice of the Lambda simbol couldn’t be better in this regard) and as said with a relate that has little to do with old fashioned/scary ‘far-right’ attitudes.
GI even has a sort of ‘beyond’ the nation-state approach that makes it very interesting. As a Catalan, I think Europe has a lot to win if stateless nations like Catalonia, Scotland, Flanders, etc are allowed to take their place among the other as free nations, and synergies are sized.
If I were them, I wouldn’t stress too much things like “the National Socialist ‘terror’” because everyday we know that most of that so-called ‘terror’ is part of the victor’s relate (of course it was war, but nothing to do with what we have been told). Actually, the gross exaggeration of what we know today as the ‘Nazi Regime’ is what explains, as GI says, the ’68 generation, the European guilt, and our present decadence.

Anonymous said...

Cheradenine Zakalwe

Grande-Bretagne – Une milice juive protège les mosquées avec la communauté musulmane
Une «force de police» juive a offert une protection aux mosquées à Hackney, après une série d’attaques violentes contre des mosquées en Grande-Bretagne.

Anonymous said...

"Papa, we're on our way to Syria."
Breivik lawyer to help Somali "charitable" sisters in Syria, and their father looking for them there, "home" - to Norway.

"Rahma and Ugbad Sadiq packed their school bags as they did every morning, and left the family home in Kolsås, Norway, where their parents immigrated in 1996 to escape war in their native Somalia."

Lippestad, Breivik's lawyer, is involved in all this show. Why? How ironic can this show get? Will Lippestad himself, learn anything from this, about the religion of peace and its jihadists terrorizing people wherever it spreads?

ANA KORSH said...
Watch the video (declaration of war) and tell me if you believe that all peoples are REALLY White ...

I understand why this video isn't in colours!

Look the woman at 1:36 ...

They have a problem with KHADER aka muslims ... OK

And with SHLOMO ? no problems with the jews in France ?

They have a problem with mosques ... OK

And with synagogs ? no problems for them ?

Génération is a new movement created by the Bloc identitaire, in France, we call them BLOCH identitaire! why BLOCH because they're TOO FRIENDLY with the JEWS!

About the Identitaires :

Nissa Rebela is a political movement in Nice since 2005.

Coming from the Bloc Identitaire, this movement is managed by Philippe VARDON

Tee-shirt Thaïland et amitiés métisses : 0% racisme, 0% identité, 100% métissage!

T-shirt Thailand and friendships half-bloods: 0 % racism, 0 % identity, 100 % Miscegenation!

Citation de Vardon :
« Le métissage dans la sphère totalement privée, c’est-à-dire comme rencontre entre deux personnes, est une chose. On ne va pas dire n’importe quoi : nous sommes un peuple de marins, de colons, d’aventuriers, et le métissage a toujours existé.

Quotation of Vardon:
" The miscegenation in the totally private sphere, as a meeting between two persons, is a thing. We are not going to say anything: we are people of sailors, colonists, adventurers, and the miscegenation always existed.

It's very curious to see appearing a new movement, while the Jeunesses Nationalistes (after many actions) begin to attract the young whites...

Anonymous said...

Europeans versus Somalis - in Europe

While many native Europeans cannot afford to get their own home, having to put marrying and starting a family on hold...

How can a Somali child-soldier afford to go way North to Norway, and establish a family in Oslo's near countryside, hire a lawyer like Lippestad to solve his daughters' jihad-problem while at the same time taking time off and finance his own trip to Turkey to go looking for his jihadist daughters in Syria?

Are native Europeans already established as dhimmies withouth knowing it themselves?

Anonymous said...

My hope for them lessens every day, they seem to be focused entirely on Islam.

Andrea Minguzzi, wrestler of Cisalpine Gaul said...

You guys supporting the Jeunesses Nationalistes are clueless babtouses(just joking). :-)

A Gaul needs to lead proud Gauls into battle. We all agree on this, right?

Well, that's not what I see! A Semite by the name of George Ayoub leads JN.

I know he's a Lebanese Christian and those guys, in difference to Les Maghrebins, don't have a lot of harmful intentions, but the point is that he's not French, no connection with Gallic culture whatsoever.

Generally speaking, Semites of all stripes have a different approach and mentality about things and should not be made leaders of Gallic, Illyric, Germanic, or other European nations.

PS: DNA is part of national fabric, like it or not. That's right, let's not be overly focused on Islam or religion in general. I mean, let's not forget that our Bosnian Illyrian brothers in the words of the late Croat nationalist Ante Starcevic, "...are the purest Croats and oldest nobility of Europe."

Daigoro Timonicini, wrestler of Cisalpine Gaul said...

The bottom line is that French folks has been obsessively infatuated with Semites and sub-Saharan Africans(especially if they were non- Muslim) for far too long.

French---Occitanians, Bretons, Northern French, Burgundians, etc.----please become aware of your Gallic, Pyreneean and Ligurian roots and embrace them. Take Gallia Transalpina back.

Do you have courageous GALLIC leaders anymore like Umberto Bossi? Do you guys have wrestlers like Andrea Minguzzi, Daigoro Timoncini? Legendary bikers like Marco Simoncelli(RIP)?

Or have the Semites and Subsaharans displaced you in your land?

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