Monday, 30 December 2013

The terrorist network Al Qaida had deployed between 4000 and 5000 combatants with passports from a Schengen area country in Syria, according to Belgian intelligence, it was reported yesterday by the French-language newspaper Le Soir.

In addition, according to Belgian intelligence, a group of jihadists from the Flemish part of Belgian, who were trained in Syria, participated in at least one attack committed in Iraq in recent weeks, the Belgian newspaper explained in its digital edition last night.

According to a Belgian intelligence source, "Al Qaeda has between 4000 and 5000 jihadist combatants with Schengen country passports deployed in Syria".

Belgium calculates that around 200 people with Belgian passports are or have been fighting in Syria, of whom around 20 have died and between 120 and 140 are still fighting in the Arab country, according to Le Soir.

Somalia also continues to attract Belgian combatants and it is known that they have acted in Kenya, given that Belgian sent an investigative commission to interrogate three Belgian nationals arrested in connection with the attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi and who were "en route" to Mogadishu.
Source: ABC


Roni said...

We have in the first place severe problems with our unresponsible governments and policy makers, who allow the Syria combatants 'to return back home' as thought nothing has happened. They regard them as just nice kids who are looking for "war adventures" on their way to adolcens. The 'poor boys' who had bad experience at the battle field are tended with care, on costs of tax payers, by the best psychiatrists in order to help them to be cured of PTST. Nobody of the lousy idiots in the EU and governments is interested in the hazardeous potential of terrorism. Why should they? They do not take a bus or train and are not coming to places where the 'boys' are playing terror games.

Anonymous said...

These Jew Controlled Muslim jihadists are going to battle against the European Nations in a close future. After Arab Spring we are going to see a European Spring in near future. Muslims (Al Queda and others) are going to destroy Europe. Islamization of the Europe is a Jewish plan to destroy the Europe.
In Norway these Jew Controlled jihadists started to shout "We want shariah". "Islam will lead the world".

Anonymous said...

Good. That's 4,000-5,000 terrorists who will no longer be in Europe, right? Right?

Let them keep going back to their shitholes to kill each other, and don't let them back in. That will solve much of Europe's Muslim problem.

Anonymous said...

"Islamization of the Europe is a Jewish plan to destroy the Europe."

I hate to admit that it looks that way. Payback for Hitler, even though he too was funded significantly by Jews. (Sssshhh! Don't follow the money...)

The blame needs to be spread around, however, to corrupt non-Jewish politicians who have their heads where the sun don't shine. Also, please don't forget that there are many common Jews who are now being victimized by these evil policies. Some like the part-Jew Sarkozy tried to uphold French laïcité to an extent that indicates he was not part of this plot, so one shouldn't speak of "the Jews" as if they are of one mind.

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