Thursday, 5 December 2013
On Wednesday night, unknown persons sprayed inscriptions on the gates of several churches in the inner city of Augsburg. According to the initial information the police have, Augsburg cathedral, the Moritz church as well as the evangelical Ullrich church are affected. On the cathedral both the northern and southern gates were sprayed with white paint.

At present it is unclear what the background of the vandalisation could have. However, it apparently involves the Arabic inscription "allahu akbar" ( "God is great"). It seems there is currently no trace of the perpetrators. The police hope witnesses have seen something.
Source: Augsburger-Allgemeine


Anonymous said...

It does not mean "God is great"; it means, "allah is greatest". "allah," in various written and oral derivations, is a generic word used throughout the Middle East by peoples of many religious sects, to refer to a 'deity,' a 'god';however, in this case, it refers to the Islamic version of a deity, and the deliberate refusal of authorities charged with public order and peace to state that it is an Islamic inscription (and battle cry for Jihad), means that Europeans must now take upon themselves their own defence and that of their sacred places of worship. When the elected government fails to fulfill its most basic obligation, that of protecting the sovereignty of the country and the safety and liberties of the people who elected it, that government has ceded its right to govern and the people have the moral and legal right to their own defence, and removal of the failed governance.

Anonymous said...

"(Our) god is greater (than yours)"

This is the meaning of the allahuakbar cry

Why did the mohammedan warriors need to present such an infantile message? Because they felt inferior? Is this whole idea of mohammedan imperialism based on inferiority?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 19:32


What is more, when it comes to infantile behaviour, is it just another form of "My Dad is stronger than yours!"?

Anonymous said...

In the old neighbourhood the kids of our Moroccan neighbour had written in Dutch on one of the walls, Allah is big. My son wanted to make a joke of his own. He had made with a chalk a drawing of a hugh manly genital and written beneath it: this is bigger!!!.
The act did not fall in good mood. Despite my efforts to clean in the evening the wall with water and soap (not so much for the Muslims, as for visitors to my house ) it did not help much. They had become bitter enemies.

akairey said...

islam is evil! It is not peaceful so says an imam:

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