Sunday, 15 December 2013
The number of applications rose by 68% compared to the previous year. The number of Syrians increased sharply, fleeing the civil war. But the influx from the Balkan states has continued to be high.

More people applied for asylum in Germany this year than at any time since 1997: from January to November alone it was 99,989 people. That is 68% up on the previous year, said the Interior Ministry in Berlin on Friday.
Source: DiePresse


Konan Vader said...

it makes me laugh. more and more illegal aliens are coming to they can livve of welfare...but one thing makes it even funnier....when all the white race will be wiped out who's gonna work to maintain them ?? haha europe will transorm into another middle east shithole. they will have no other place to go

Anonymous said...

Konan vader, my point exactly

Nothing wrong with immigration as long as u assimilate and work ur ass of like the rest of us

Anonymous said...

Cheradenine I would like to thank you again for this wonderful blog. Keep up the good work. Europe and the rest of the world needs it. Lorna

fnn said...

How many of those Syrians are Christians fleeing USG-Israeli-Saudi-sponsored genocide? A lot of this could have been prevented if US and international Zionism would have let well enough alone and not tried to topple Assad.

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