Sunday, 10 November 2013
One interesting detail is that Bo Lidegaard, chief editor of the super-political correct Danish national newspaper (that was the only Danish media outlet to apologise to Muslims for printing the Muhammad cartoons) followed Tøger Seidenfaden, who has a leading role within the Bilderberg organisation. It thus seems that these two elitist and potentially very powerful organisations work together to shape our future - including our Soviet style EU, Islamisation, pro-Islamic policy and Muslim immigration...
"Few have probably heard of the Trilateral Commission . Nevertheless, the closed club of leading politicians, influential businessmen and opinion leaders has for 40 years succeeded in influencing governance in North America, Europe and Japan.

Also, a number of prominent Danes have over the years served on the commission: among these are are Margrethe Vestager, Ritt Bjerregaard, formerly Bodil Nyboe Andersen and former director of the Danish Bank Peter Straarup.
Sets the agendas of governments

As the first scientist ever doctoral Fellow Dino Knudsen from the University of Copenhagen had access to search the commission's archives:
'- My research shows that the commission at its meetings sets agendas that governments later bring to life. The commission meets without public scrutiny because it does not want to be guided by public opinion,' says Dino Knudsen to P1 Morgen

Founded to protect the future of America

The Commission was founded back in 1973 by the American financier David Rockefeller. He and part of the American elite was concerned that the United States was losing its foothold as the world's leading nation.

It was partly because of the Vietnam War, where there was pressure from the media and popular movements that American foreign policy should no longer be formulated by a narrow elite. This required contact with Japan, which was experiencing strong economic growth and Europe, which was also on the rise economically - thanks mainly to Germany.
So the American elite wanted to strengthen cooperation with Japan and Europe. Therefore they made an enclosed space where you could discuss foreign policy and economic issues - outside the public spotlight.

Embossed World Bank and IMF

- In the 1970s , the commission was quick to secure influence in relation to shaping the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund  IMF. Jimmy Carter used the commission as a springboard to become president of the United States, says Dino Knudsen to P1 morning.

'- He acquired important foreign policy experience here, and brought more than 20 members of the Commission into his staff, and placed them in important positions.'

The Commission has over the years moulded many political spheres and many members have since been in top government posts. To qualify to become a member of the commission one must belong to the elite in business, be an important opinion leader or a prominent politician who has the chance of entering a government.

Several Danish members today- In short, one have to have power. Media and researchers mostly focus on the faces we see in a government, but we also have to realise that the elite is well organized. The commission helps members to shape our society - it has a disproportionate ability to influence the world and it takes place without much attention,' says Dino Knudsen

Several prominent Danes are today members of the Commission , among others Karsten Dybvad, CEO of Danish Industry, Lars Rohde, director of the National Bank, Lykke Friis , Pro-Rector at the University of Copenhagen and former environment minister and Bo Lidegaard, managing editor of Politiken."
Source: DR 


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