Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I'm on holiday at the moment in Cádiz. That's why there hasn't been much posting.

But look what I found today in the archaeological section of Cádiz museum. Statues of negroes from the 3rd to 6th century B.C.!

These were found close to a Phoenician colony. The Phoenicians were a Semitic people, proto-Jews. Could it our friends from the East were trying to de-Europeanise Europe even back then?


Anonymous said...

Most likely some sort of slavetrade operation.. but interesting tought. Enjoy cadiz CZ :)

Anonymous said...

with Mediterranean sea trade came alphabet, papyrus, megalithic architecture and "civilization" - the new way of living, in the cities.

the necessity to sustain and defend large settlements initiated enlargement and consolidation of ethnic groups.

agriculture came to Europe also from Middle East, but even earlier, in the late Neolithic.

so it wasn't "de-Europeanization" but the initiation of the European civilization.

briefly, a lot of stuff for which you can blame the Joos.

Anonymous said...

http://www.20min.ch/ro/news/vaud/story/Quarante-points-de-suture-pour-un-portable-13502851 this was on the generation identitaire facebook page but i don't speak french :<

also i don't think the jews specifically brought agriculture to the med, unless you think the minoan civilisation was jewish?

Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - Hatred of the Jews is Satanic. Hitler hated the Jews so much that he would not allow the trains bringing Jews to the camps to be diverted to supplying the troops on the Eastern front as his generals suggested. The predictable results were that many more German soldiers died unnecessarily for lack of supplies. Hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war died miserable deaths in the salt mines of Siberia because Hitler was obsessed with hatred for the Jew. The death cult religion of Mohamed names the Jews as the worst of enemies to Islam. Look at the anti-civilization backward culture of Islam, is that the side you want to join ? Hell No ! The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous said...

=>Anonymous 5 November 2013 20:35
"also i don't think the jews specifically brought agriculture to the med, unless you think the minoan civilisation was jewish?"

no, that was too long ago.
but it is believed that first civilizations based on agriculture started about 9K BC in Mesopotamia, and then spread to Egypt and Europe via Mediterranean, bringing technological, intellectual and societal novelties, for the next 6-7K years.
Through Anatolia, Levant, Crete and Greece.

Again, - "Jews" were one of the tribes instrumental in bringing new ideas to Europe.
Then the Hellenic era started.

CZ always tries to use "Europeans" as the opposite to "Jews", - by political reasons.
But, it is up to everyone to see if that is justified.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I AGREE!

Anonymous said...

jews are not diametrically opposite to europeans, they're simply aliens (and self-avowed aliens) living in the midst of european civilisation.

i don't believe the mesopotamians bear any similarity to the modern jews thus your argument is rather invalid i'm afraid.

i do think jews have contributed greatly to the world in terms of scientific discoveries but their political ideas are poisonous.

Anonymous said...

=> 5 November 2013 23:24

Jews are the people not political party.
To attribute "poisonous political ideas" to the whole ethnos is demonization.

In a way, every single people were "alien" to every other, - in history.
That is the old paradigm.
The question is, how far are you ready to push it - today?

Judaic culture and influence, and the achievements of prominent Jews are in the very foundations of European (in general - Western) civilization.
Then, how can they be "aliens"?
If you don't like this conclusion, try to disprove it.
As an example, - the majority of non-Jewish Westerners still have Hebrew first names.
Goebbels had Hebrew first name. :)

The point about origin of Jews in Meopotamia is, that every ethnos had its unique historical, evolutionary trajectory. Nobody is rosy and spotless, as we all originate in animal kingdom.
To single out Jews as the only evil "aliens" isn't fair.
But, some try to use this as scapegoat tactics, to excuse their own faults.

In terms of actual violence and casualties, Jews were always among most peaceful people in the modern time. Didn't have army, didn't start wars, - for 2000 years.

You might throw many empty phrases, but that is how it is - anti-Semitism is indefensible.

anderson said...

with Mediterranean sea trade came alphabet, papyrus, megalithic architecture and "civilization" - the new way of living, in the cities.

the necessity to sustain and defend large settlements initiated enlargement and consolidation of ethnic groups.

agriculture came to Europe also from Middle East, but even earlier, in the late Neolithic.

so it wasn't "de-Europeanization" but the initiation of the European civilization.

briefly, a lot of stuff for which you can blame the Joo

a agricultura foi inventada por egipcios -que eram brancos.












a cultura megalitica veio com os indo europeus R1B que também são brancos

Anonymous said...

It's looking like emigration was the other way, from west to east, according to new scientific findings.
The peoples who built the megalithic structures, Stonehenge etc, were known as the Grooved Ware people and they disappeared around the same time as civilisations were being formed in Sumer and Mesopotamia. Some Sumer cuniform tablets tell of fair haired people arriving from the west and bringing with them ideas such as the Megalithic yard which as well as being the standard unit of measurement in bronze age Britain was then used in Sumer structures and then the pyramids. It's also well known that the original Pharaohs were not Egyptian but white skinned and fair and red haired. The builders plaque in the pyramid at Giza says they were not Egyptian but came from the west.

Anonymous said...

@ 5 November 2013 23:24

I agree that many of their political ideas are poisonous. Every ethnic group has its scoundrels, Jewish ones tend to think up weird things. However it is not clear that someone can be held directly responsible for the way their idea is used, otherwise Nietzsche would be directly responsible for the Holocaust.

Personally, I challenged each and every example of anti-white bias during my university education, as politely and cerebrally as possible, and got the distinct impression that the teachers had never encountered such a thing. One cannot blame the Jews for the lack of chutzpah in most of the population.

Anonymous said...

It looks like, the Sumerian civilization is the most ancient (Uruk and Ur).
Right, "megalithic" is inexact as Sumerians used clay for construction, but the idea of building large cities, susteined by agriculture, was Sumerian.

there is interesting project in "eupedia" about European genetics.

here is what they write about r1b:

Jews are in the haplogroup J:

that is, certainly, only about parental lines.

Anonymous said...

5 November 2013 23:24

No, you're absolutely wrong there. Hellenism was not founded on Semitic thought or philosophy. In fact, the Jews sought to adopt Hellenism even going so far as to restore their foreskins.

The only things Jews have given Europe as a foundation is usury and illogical political thought such as multiculturalism and socialism. They influenced the ancients only infinitesimally whereas the ancients influenced them a great deal. From whence do you think Democracy came from?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hellenistic philosophy was founded by Hermes (in Hebrew he was Enoch and in Egypt Thoth) His works include a detailed description of ancient Britain and the pre Druidical priesthood cult in Scotland and Ireland at the time.
It was Enoch whilst teaching at the Pythagorean school at Cos who told the Greeks about atoms, molecules, cells and DNA.
Enoch knew how to manipulate bodily cells to increase longevity and it's no surprise that he was the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah. So the Biblical references to their age might be nearer the truth than you think.
He was reputed to have carved all his wisdom onto two pillars, one of which is represented as the Apprentices Pillar at Rosslyn Chapel and which shows the legend of triple stranded DNA, a concept that scientists today are just looking into.
People often ask me what the 'Masonic Key' they keep hearing about is. This 'key' is the code to decipher the information on the Enochian Pillar - the real Holy Grail.

Anonymous said...

@7 November 2013 00:45, you're a loon! You can't be for real...

Anonymous said...

7 November 2013 15:04. Thats what they told Galileo when he said the world was round.
You're an ignorant fool.

Anonymous said...

Microscopic inspection of the roots of Ramesses II's hair proved that the king's hair was originally red, which suggests that he came from a family of redheads



Ancient Egyptian boys with long blonde, red and brunet hair in pony tails going down their backs


The largest and most magnificent of the papyri to survive from ancient Egypt illustrating White Egyptians.
Along with four other scrolls, it was found in 1855, in a hole in the floor of a cliff-tomb near Deir el Medineh, Thebes. Practically in a perfect state of preservation, there is little question that the papyrus was written immediately after the death of Ramesses III in 1153 B.C


and more:







Anonymous said...




According to the Graeco-Roman authors Pliny the Elder, Strabo and Diodorus Siculus, the Third Pyramid was built by a woman named Rhodopis.When translated from the original Greek, her name means "rosy-cheeked" - Mary Sutherland

Red-haired goddesses, from the tomb of Pharaoh Merneptah, 1213—1204 BC.

The twentieth prayer of the 141st chapter of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, is dedicated "to the Goddess greatly beloved, with red hair" - E. A. W. Budge (The Book of the Dead)

Left: This coffin, dating from the 12th Dynasty (1976—1947 BC) belongs to a nobleman named Khui, who was wealthy enough to have a decorated casket, something which only the upper classes could afford.Note his blond hair coloring.
Right: A stela comes from Abydos, and dates from the Middle Kingdom (circa 2040—1640 BC).The writing identifies the man for who the stela was made as one Dedusobek.( Egyptian Treasures from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo by Mathaf Al-Misri, Araldo De Luca, Photographer, Francesco Tiradritti Editor, Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810932768; September 1999).


Blond-haired attendants, from the tomb of Djehutihotpe, Deir el-Bersha, Middle Kingdom Period.(TGH James, Ancient Egypt: The Land and its Legacy, London: British Museum Publications, 1988, p. 90).


Anonymous said...

Mostly pictures of Sumerian statues...
...observe the faces of Sargon and the Assyrians, Semites who conquered the Sumerian's.


Anonymous said...

Some truth about it all

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