Friday, 22 November 2013

Not much is being said about the identity of the two people arrested for suspected enslavement. Probably because they're third-worlders and it's against journalistic PC code to reveal that. Note this information in the Guardian, though. They are believed to have committed "immigration offences".
The police are not investigating the women being trafficked. But the suspects are believed to have committed immigration offences.
Source: Guardian

The eldest victim was from Malaysia, an Islamic country. The Guardian says she "joined the suspects at their home more than 30 years ago", implying it might have been voluntary, at least initially, as you might expect if they were from the same country.


More on this.
The suspects, both 67, are of Indian and Tanzanian origin and came to the UK in the 1960s, police said. They have been released on bail to a date in January.
Source: Guardian

They shared a "political ideology".
Two of the three women allegedly held for 30 years as slaves had lived in a political collective with their captors, police have disclosed.

Metropolitan police commander Steve Rodhouse told reporters that two of the alleged victims met the male suspect in London through a shared political ideology and began living together in a "collective".

They lived in a colonised area where no one spoke to one another.
Meanwhile, as officers stood guard on Saturday at the three-storey block in Stockwell, neighbours spoke of their shock. One local resident, Abdul Rogers, said many people living in the area did not speak to each other. "It's really shocking," he said. "It's a kind of quiet area. I don't even know my next-door neighbour. If I met them on the street now I would not be able to tell it was my next-door neighbour, which is not good for community cohesion. Nobody speaks to each other."


Anonymous said...

I look forward to this site getting around to researching the impact that the Baha'i have had on Europe a some point. Considering their overall "Unity in Diversity" mandate, as well as that being the official motto of the European Union, it would appear that the Baha'i have influence in the events we see today involving Migration and Multicult.

This link just shows how pervasive and under the radar the Baha'i are around the world.

The Baha’i Faith is a minority religion based on what Saiedi called the “unity of humankind, oneness of all religions and oneness of God.”

The faith, which was founded by Baha’u'llah in 19th century Iran, is one of the youngest, rapidly spreading religions practiced across the world.

Saiedi currently teaches a class called “Baha‘i Faith in Iran: Historical and Sociological Survey,” which delves into the historical and cultural background behind the faith. He will be teaching two other courses about Baha‘i teachings and Baha‘i relations over the next two quarters.

At UCLA, about 40 students follow the Baha’i Faith, Saiedi said.

King Lear said...

The joys of diversity eh? This country is a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

Just as we got all that slavery out of our system.... Multicult goes and brings it back again....

Anonymous said...

so much for abolishing slavery, it's obvious who the primary instigators really are, third world bums.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the Turkish Gulen movement either. Its big in the US and has a presence here in Australia. l'm not sure how big it is in Europe but would have to have large presence in Germany in particular. Gulens main activity appears to be running schools, with the funding coming from the states which it parasites. There have been 'irregularities' in the US - l'm sure there are 'irregularities' wherever it operates. Christian independent schools should perhaps receive state funding in Western countries for historical reasons - no other schools should, but human rights legislation makes it impossible to limit state funding to just Christian schools. Another example of how 'progressives' have recast Western society according to their own warped mental dreamscape. Remember guys there is no such thing as equality in nature - it doesn't exist. That isn't a problem for northern European health experts who will tell you straight faced its nurture not nature and we can build whatever kind of world we want, nature is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

in addition:
the world they are building is a world of shit that doesn't appear to include white people.
A brown world of shit dreamscape.

Anonymous said...

these people may have had high connections or may be their "count" list runs too long and govt. doesn't want it's bungling out in the open. even "xenophobic" DM made no mention of their ethnicity/religion.

parisclaims said...

Was one of the "suspects" described as British, and another Irish?
That could mean as black as the ace of spades, these days.

Anonymous said...

In my country every day in the media there are crime reports that by their description labd the reporters choice of language lead you to suspect the perps are of the non-white persuasion they usually don't let on so you wait for the follow up report the next day or whatever- but there is no follow up report, this is really common . I estiimate the non-whites are responsible for about 70% or 80% of crimes of violence - including sec crimes in my country. Non-whites constitute about 25% of the population here, but again that is an estimate, as far as l know the government here doesn't give race breakdowns, its a neat way to keep the native whites in the dark

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