Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The person being interviewed here is Rudolf Hausmann, senior state prosecutor in Berlin, in charge of the Intensive Offenders Unit within the state prosecutor's office.
FOCUS Online: Young, male, foreign roots - is that what the typical intensive offender looks like?

Hausmann: In principle: yes. 80 per cent of the intensive offenders in Berlin have an immigrant background. Most of them - 43 per cent - are of Arab origin, 32 per cent of Turkish origin.

FOCUS Online: Why do these groups especially cause so much trouble?

Hausmann: It doesn't concern these groups as a whole. It would be wrong to say: All Turks and Arab boys are like that.

FOCUS Online: We've never said that …

Hausmann: … okay. I will just say: sweeping generalisations are unjust to the majority of well-integrated youth. A differentiation must be made.

FOCUS Online: Right. But it remains true that youths from the Kurdish-Turkish and Arab milieus make up the majority of intensive offenders. Why is that?

Hausmann: Sons from large Arab families mostly experience being raised in an archaic style in which physical violence also plays a major role. Unlike their sisters, everything is permitted to them. The parents impose no limits on them. They tolerate it when their boys don't go to school and instead beat their way through life with their fists. That's a huge problem.

FOCUS Online: A problem especially for the mostly German victims ...

Hausmann: We must attempt everything to stop this development. It's not uncommon for the families we are talking about here to have eight, nine, ten children. If the three oldest brothers have fallen into intensive offending, why should the fifth youngest then stick to the law? They have internalised the use of violence to such an extent that from time to time incredible crimes result.
Source: Focus

Notice how he's reluctant to talk about it but is pressed on the issue by journalists doing their job for once.


Anonymous said...

As I've said before, all of the courageous, patriotic men have died in world wars 1&2 and now we're left with these dickless scumbags who lack moral fibre and a conviction in their beliefs that they'd be prepared to die for.

No, this man knows if the going gets tough he can evacuate himself leaving us, the indigenes, left to take up the flack.

He has a pathological fear of appearing to generalise. It's incredible!

icr said...

They think they're worshipping the YKW by speaking and acting like this-though they'd call you a n-zi if you pointed that out to them. It makes them feel very holy. Paul Gottfried has written about this a lot, but he streses the American Protestant aspect of the disease.

Anonymous said...

FOCUS Online just got themselves a new reader.

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