Tuesday, 19 November 2013

France qualified for the World Cup tonight. Celebrations have rocked cities throughout the country. But the celebrations are not for France. They are for Algeria, which also qualified for the World Cup tonight. The Paris transport company ordered all its buses back to the depot after the Algerian victory.








Dr Bazooka said...

Four years ago the same scenes took place.

In Roubaix (the town that "Bridges the Gap Between Muslims and Non-Muslims" according to the New York Times), the 11th of october 2009, the Algerian scum has burned and trampled a French flag.

November 2009. The crouilles, the boucaques, the moricauds have replaced the French flag by the Algerian on Toulouse's city hall.
Here, you can see the riots on the Champs Élysées (widely kept under silence by "our" medias). Unfortunately for them, a Novopress guy filmed the events :
Compare now, how France Info (radio) reported the night (France was also qualified) :
(Fist photo on the homepage of the station’s website... An artist view.)

23th of june 2010 - After their defeat against the USA during the South-African's world cup, the bougnoules have ransacked everything on their way and attacked some American students and tourists.
France 2 (TV) had broadcasted some sweetened images.
TF1's reportage was very spectacular. I have waited for the web replay, to put the extract on Rutube (Youtube at this time was a censorship's maniac). The scene was DELETED from the media file. An orwellian falsification.

Dr Bazooka said...

On the 25 Algerian players selected for the 2010 world cup, guess how many were "French" ?
Nineteen !

On the field, it happened that 100% of the Algerian players were born and raised in France.

(So, we had the two worst teams of the competition.)

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