Monday, 25 November 2013

The editorial team of Charlie Hebdo made clear its "alarm" on Monday 25 November on discovering the "violence" in relation to it expressed in the words of a song from the soundtrack of the film La Marche, on screens from Wednesday 27 November, which, in a couplet, "calls for an auto-da-fe against these dogs" of the satirical magazine. The song in question was composed and is performed by a dozen well-known rappers, including Akhenaton, Disiz, Kool Shen and Nekfeu.

In the 7th couplet, which he performs, Nekfeu notably sings: "In your way there's nothing more out of date than the racist / These theorists want to silence Islam / What is the real danger: terrorism or Taylorism? / My people get up early, I've seen my boys work / I demand an auto-da-fe for these dogs of 'Charlie Hebdo'. "
Source: Le Monde


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