Saturday, 23 November 2013

I've written twice before (here and here) about the pressure applied to the Lycée Voltaire school in Doha, Qatar. But an article in the latest edition of Valeurs Actuelles (doesn't seem to be on their website) offers a bit more detail of exactly what went on.

The former headmaster of the Lycée Voltaire in Doha, a Franco-Qatari institution, Jean-Pierre Brosee, has decided to return to France, tired of enduring the pressures applies to him because of the content of his teaching.

...Inaugurated in 2008 by Nicolas Sarkozy and the future emir of Qatar, the school experienced the start of a polemic two years later with the complaints of certain Qatari parents about photos showing Greek statuary in history. "Impossible to study," comments Jean-Pierre Brosse: Qatari culture bans the nudity of ancient statues. Also in dispute were the photos of churches, abbeys, cathedrals: "Because it's a reference to the Christian religion. The children must not know that there exists any other religion than Islam before the age of 18." Jean-Pierre Brosse was risking up to ten years in prison: "The worst thing would have been to accept... We're sliding very softly until we end up as a Koran school which would have the flag of the Mission Francaise planted on its roof. It's unacceptable."
Source: Valeurs Actuelles


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