Saturday, 23 November 2013

Recently I posted about the urban chaos that broke out in France when the Algerian football team qualified for the World Cup. This wasn't just good-hearted rowdiness. Police were attacked. Cars were burned. Traffic and transport was massively disrupted. There were also several deaths in Algeria itself.

Here we have another example. Happy Algerians make their way through the Paris metro. Towards the end, you hear them chant "Oussama ben Laden!!! Allahu Akbar!!" several times.


Anonymous said...

"We'll always have Paris." Or maybe not. At least we still have Brigitte Bardot.

Anonymous said...

White advocate
Off topic: Israel is for only for Jews:

Whites are spurning Christianity because of Christianitys anti-white bias:

And excellent intro to this piece about China moving away fro the US dollar

Anonymous said...

"Off topic: Israel is for only for Jews"

I find no offense in that at all. Israel is a very tiny country surrounded by the followers of big Mo. One multicultural mistake and the nation is gone. I've heard the "hypocracy" meme over and over again which is argued from the false assumption that Jews are monolithic and all believe the same things. There are Jews that are pro Palestinian and anti-Israel. Jews range in opinion from the far left to the far right. From Chuck Schumer to Michael Savage. Of course there are Jews who are in fact hypocrites but these are not the ordinary Jewish citisens of Israel.

"Whites are spurning Christianity because of Christianitys anti-white bias"

Christianity no longer exists in its traditional form as, for example, practiced by the founders of the U.S.. Instead, the typical church has become immersed in multiculturalism through an incorrect interpretation of scripture. Many of the pastors are now frauds and see the church strictly as a money-making business proposition.

There is an ongoing war against the white, heterosexual, Christian, male in this country! - Michael Savage

Crayola Kid said...

Why is it I have NEVER heard Rush Limbaugh or any other major radio personality say anything like that? Hats off to Mr. Savage!

Anonymous said...

Where's the reciprocity for the support israel has received from millions of well-meaning white people? All l see is jewish groups promoting the non-white invasion of the white countries. I never hear a peep from jews condemning this - with the exception on the above mentioned Michael Savage. Self determination isn't limited to just non-whites - white people have rights too. If maintaining jewish identity matters then maintaining white identity matters just as much- maybe even more so because without whites to attach themselves to jews would be utterly lost on planet earth. Whites can live without jews- jews can't live without whites.

Anonymous said...

There are more jews living in white countries than there are living in israel - from this we can infer jews like being around white people- white people are good for jews. Its fair to say jews aren't nesecarily good for white people, nor are muslims and africa ns and many other non-white racial groups. Whites are being relegated to second class status in their own countries by rafts of laws designed to favour non-whites - despite being overachievers jews likewise enjoy minority status preferential treatment. Whites are the only non-protected class - more like the persecuted class. Reverend Manning- who describes 70% of black men as having 'murder in their hearts' (he is black himself) recently warned blacks that the day is coming when whites will turn on them for all the violence blacks have visited upon whites in recent years - he issued this warning to blacks after listening to Kai Murros being interviewed.on an American radio program.

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