Saturday, 2 November 2013

Algerian Islamists are undesirable in Tunisia and young "barbus" (bearded men) are systematically turned back by the Algerian and Tunisian border police.

Even Tunisian Islamists under 35 are affected by this measures at the Tunisian border posts with Algeria. This is what was revealed to El Watan Week-end yesterday by a source within the border police at the Oum Tboul (El Tarf) station. "The security problems currently being experienced by Tunisia accentuate the pressure on the eastern Algerian border region, leading the Tunisian state to apply this limitation on the movements of Algerian islamists heading towards Tunisia and vice versa," confirms a customs officer source at the El Ayoun (El Tarf) station.
Source: El Watan

Imagine the global outcry if a European country did something like this.


Walter Sieruk said...

The main this about Islam is that it's a false religion that was started by a false prophet, Muhammad. To back up this statement is that Jesus Himself has warned about the coming of such men as Muhammad. For Jesus taught "Beware of false prophets ,which come to you in sheep's clothing,but are inwardly wavening wolves." Matthew 7;15. That this verse applies to Muhammad is shown in Isaiah 8:20. which teaches "To the law of the testimonty: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is not light in them." [KJV] In other words if a teacher or prophet teaches doctrine that are in contradiction to God's Word[theBible] then that person is a false teacher or false prophet. The teaching of Mulammad and Islam are in great contradiction to the teachings and doctrine of the Bible. Just to give only one of the many example of this that Islam teaches denies that Jesus is God. This is in contrast to the teaching ofthe Bible. As in John 1:1-3. Romans 9:5. Colossians 1;15-17. Hebrews 1:8. Titus 2:13. SecondPeter 1:1. First John 5:20. Furthermore, to compare the Old Testament with the New Testament will further show Jesus to be God. As in comparing Isaiah 45:22,23. with Philippians 2;5-11. wiil show Jesus to be God. Likewise by comparing Psalm 89:8,9. with Matthew 23-27. will futher confirm Jesus to be God. Moreover, to compare the books of the New Testament with itself will also show Jesus to be God. As in comparing John 5;22. with Romans 14:12. The imams and mullahs will try to cover this up by claiming that the Bible has been coorrupted through time by Christians. By claiming this they are denying the Power of God to protect His word from corruption through the passing oftime and from the hands of evil men. The True God of the Bible is almighty and has the Power to keep His Word[ the Bible] intact. In short, Islam is a false religion and Muhammad is a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

The main thing about islam- its a low iq religion

Anonymous said...

I like it, I like it! The bearded muslims are the truly fanatical ones, and you definitely want to keep the Turds out of your country.
Are you listening, Canada?

Anonymous said...

if more countries stopped them at the borders they will start shaving their beards

bataviawillem said...

"The main thing about islam- its a low iq religion"
They all are.

Anonymous said...


It also mentions ishmael and how he will be a wild man. That his hand will be against every other man and theirs against his. ishmael is the ancestor of the arabs.

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