Friday, 15 November 2013
Rosenheim - The three women walking through the centre of the city at 9 am would have been happy to do without this experience. At the "Am Hammer" car park they were initially intentionally jostled and insulted by an unknown man. Afterwards they were insulted as "Shit Germans" and "Shit Christians" by the unknown man. He also threatened to kill them all as "Shit Christians need their heads cut off".

The unknown man only left the women alone when another unknown, courageous passer-by came to help and spoke to the man about his behaviour.

The unknown perpetrator is described as follows:

1.75 to 1.80m tall, gaunt stature, approx. 35 to 40 years old with a three-day-beard. The man spoke standard German but had a south eastern-European appearance with dark hair and eyes and pale skin. He wore bright work clothing, as well as a dark scarf and a dark cap.
Source: Via: PI


Anonymous said...

"south european appearance...."

Ba ha ha! Of course, the German press can't say he had an "asian appearance" because that would racist!

Anonymous said...

Just like "asian" "youth"... Got to read between the lines these days...

Anonymous said...

"...The three women walking through the centre of the city at 9 am would have been happy to do without this experience...."
In reality - I'm sure in retrospect most Germans would have been happy to have not allowed their politicians to have imported these cretins into their midst.

They are here at present, and this problem must be dealt wit one way or another.

BunBun4life said...

They should never say 'ASIAN' to begin with! Asian is a racial designation, for people of mongol descent. Not a description to be used for what 'continent' one is from.

They should say 'arabic, middle eastern, turkish, and/or north african appearance'. Otherwise, describing someone as 'Asian' could mean anything from Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese to Indian, Pakistani, Persian or Lebanese - and these people do NOT all look the same.

Interestingly enough, besides the UK, the only other country media I have seen refer to someone from Pakistan as 'Asian' were news reports from SAUDI and KUWAIT. I don't know what they think they are and what they think Pakistanis are, but obviously they don't think it's close to the same.

If someone were to describe a Mexican, they would not say 'North American' appearance, right? Considering this is Germany, he's probably a Turk.

I think it should be very clear in the media, by race and by perceived ethnicity - particularly when it comes to descriptions of criminals.

In Sweden last year a female police officer was publicly censured because she called the description of a perpetrated on the police dispatch radio and said he was 'African'. A person who had JUST committed a violent crime, known to be black, maybe running down the street somewhere - and she is relaying information only to other cops, so MAYBE they can catch somebody for a change.

Not only did they make her 'apologize' (how did anybody even know in the first place) WE the public were all told that police are only allowed to say 'light skin color, medium skin color, dark skin color' and are NOT allowed to say race or anything like that. Which is absolute insanity because some of the Afghanis are darker than some of the Somalis here, and there are also a lot of Thais. If you say 'medium skin color' that means NOTHING to a cop looking for a perpetrator.

THATS how insane PC lobby is here.

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