Wednesday, 27 November 2013

In the recent elections in Germany, the Left won only 26% of the vote compared to 42% for the "conservative" CDU/CSU. Despite this, after tortuous coalition negotiations, the Left have just about everything they asked for.

Here's the stuff related to support for the ongoing invasion of Europe.
Strengthening the Welcoming and Recognition Culture

We will strengthen the Welcoming and Recognition culture in our country. This promotes social cohesion and at the same time enhances the attractiveness of our country for foreign specialist workers, whom we need.

To improve the Welcoming Culture, the offices dealing with foreigners have a key role to play. Many of these offices dealing with foreigners have therefore started to place greater focus on their service character for immigrants. We welcome this development, want to strengthen it with the federal states and will offer targeted support to local authorities through a consultancy package and offers of training.

The Welcoming and Recognition Culture includes the intercultural opening of state and society. We will therefore show complete commitment to this in all areas of life, especially voluntary undertakings (e.g. fire service, emergency services) and culture, sport and in the health and care sector.

We see diversity as an opportunity and will therefore strengthen the Diversity Charter and Diversity thinking in the economy and strengthen it further in conjunction with business. We will oppose any form of discrimination.

In the federal authorities we want to continue on the path already begun in the National Integration Action Plan and raise the share of people with an immigrant background in public service. We will emphasise recruiting young immigrants for training in public service. From the year 2014, we will increase the proportion of immigrants in federal ministries and business offices on a voluntary basis, based on uniform standards.

It has this to say about Mohammedanism and the dual citizenship issue for Turks.
The many contributions Muslim associations and groups have made to our communal well-being - such as the integration of Muslim immigrants and their descendants into our society, as well as the dialogue between cultures and religions - is worthy of our esteem and support. In this sense, we want to continue with the German Islam Conference.

...Whoever is born and grows up in Germany should not have to lose their German passport and should not be subject to an option obligation.
Source: PI

The option obligation forced Turks born in Germany to make a choice between German citizenship and Turkish citizenship at the age of 23. Presumably, they will now be able to acquire both.


Anonymous said...

The talk of left and right in the case of support for multiculturalist insanity is getting a bit old. As if the established right are somehow against or at least critical of this deadly utopia. Because they are not!

The right is by the vast majority libertarians, that means they are against the nationstate and ethnic peoplehood. They are proud globalists, trying with all their power to erect a globalist-imperialist tower of babel. Sure they were against Soviet communism, but only because marxism went against their own utopian ideological ideals of extreme individualism and the idol of the "free market", that is the plutocracy of the big corporations.

They think in very vulgar enlightenment terms, drool over fast money and their own soulless careers, and support massimmigration and the totalitarian EU, thinking this will create "peace", "prosperity" and a "liberated" borderless world.

In other words the establishment anti-nationalist right (like Merkel, Cameron, Sarkozy, the idiot running Sweden into the ground (cant remember his name, etc. etc.) are no better than the left.

They (the libertarian right) have no culture, no history and no identity worth defending. And they know it deep down! Money is a false god. Thats is why they are commiting suicide along with the marxist-jacobin left.

The nationalist, or should I say the naturalist-realist, must break free from both the marxist left and libertarian right and stear a new path away from the dead ideologies of modernity.

And this is not to say that democracy or egalitarianism per se is wrong, as many on the traditionalist right do, no, we need both within the confines of nature and non-utopian reason.

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