Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another attack has taken place on the Islam-critical author Zahid Khan, who sees himself as another prophet.

On Tuesday night Khan was attacked in front of his house by an unknown person wielding a knife. The 57-year-old spoke to ECHO of another murder attempt on him. He said he got out of his car at 1.30 am exactly in order to open the garage door. At the same time the passenger of another car also got out and stabbed him. The attacker wore an Arab-style kaftan. Only the fact that he always wears a protective vest under his jacket saved him from the worst injuries, said Khan. The attacker was able to flee. Police hunted the perpetrator without success.

The author, who lives in Rodgau, has attracted the ire of fundamentalist Muslims through writings like "The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed".
Source: Echo


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