Wednesday, 13 November 2013
The French people have hardened in their attitude to immigration since 2006, two thirds judging that immigrants are better treated than them, according to an IFOP poll for Valeurs actuelles to appear tomorrow.

67% of those questioned agree with the phrase: "More is done for immigrants than for French people", although only 40% agreed with it in April 2006. Similarly, a crushing majority (86%) think that it is time to "pass from an immigration that is endured to an immigration that is chosen", compared with 62% in April 2006. On this question, the changed is particularly marked among sympathisers of the left (49% thought so in 2006, 82% today).

...By contrast, only one third (37%) think "immigration is an opportunity for France (une chance pour la France)" compared with 49% in February 2007.
Source: Le Figaro


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