Sunday, 10 November 2013

In the invitation to the private art show the project sounded really good. It sounded as if something good was being done for artists. Marzahn-Hellersdorf Adult Education Centre is giving artists the opportunity to present their works to a wide public on the floors of the institution. Creatives are brought together with citizens and thus exposed to criticism much more directly than in a commercial gallery. This is how the municipality describes its art exhibition space programme. "Imaginative & colourful paintings and drawings" is the name of the current exhibition of the Berlin artist Susanne Schüffel.

The show was supposed to open with a celebration on Friday evening. But the private show was not held; the artist had cancelled. She was allowed to show only some of her pictures. Six nude pictures had been removed a few days before. She is raging.

Last Monday the 46-year-old artist learned that her nude pictures could not be shown on the corridors of the adult education centre "out of respect for Muslims". That is the explanation the deputy director of the adult education centre, Gotthard Hänisch, gave. Muslims could "feel unpleasantly affected" when looking at the sketches. Muslims, including some from the asylum seeker reception home in Carola-Neher-Straße, visit the adult education centre for German courses.

Susanne Schüffel cannot accept the reasoning of the deputy director. "There was no conflict. No one had complained about the sketches. That is anticipatory obedience," says the graduate of Weißensee art school. "This is about the freedom of art." Her classical nude sketches show nothing crude or offensive. "They're about the beauty of woman."
Source: Via: PI

The phrase the artists uses here, "anticipatory obedience" (vorauseilender Gehorsam), strikes me as a good expression of the spirit of dhimmitude.


leonore said...

The beauty of women is not to be looked at by Muslim men. Their uncontrollable lusts will be aroused. Of course they could just not go to the exhibition!

Anonymous said...

Muslims will bully the host natives until civil war ensues. Then they win. Why? Because when a Muslim looks down the barrel of your gun he sees paradise. How can you win against a human predator who sees life that way?

-Bing/Google search “civil wars in the world” and determine who the combatants are. You will that Muslims are involved in over 75%. They fight against all religions and cultures. They fight in China, Russia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Indonesia-Ambon & Halmarhera, Côte d'Ivoire, Kashmir, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kurdistan, Kirghizia, Nigeria, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Chechnya, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Mali, Chad, Libya, Bangladesh and East Timor.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are dragging Europe back to the dark ages. The naked human form is an ideal espoused by the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome, rediscovered in the Enlightenment, and has been a critical source for ideas and creativity in western art ever since.

Of course, now with the invasion of the Muslim hordes and their dhimmi supplicants in power, all of the western civilization is being dragged backwards.

Fuck Muslims and their bronze age beliefs.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT only about art. Whilst it is correct to say that the naked human form is an ideal espoused by the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome and that this has had an enormous impact on art, people are missing the central point which is that, in Christianity, "your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you which you have from God. So glorify God in your body" (1 Corinthians Chapter 6 Verses 19-20). The Resurrection of the body --- denied by both Jews and Moslems --- is at the core of our appreciation of, and respect for, the human form, in every aspect of life --- art, science, medicine, law, social intercourse.

Roni said...

The pictures, enclosed to the article, are beautiful and of a high artistic level. I know from my experience in the years I had spent in the art academy that nude drawings- and paintings are difficult to work at and need lot of drawing or painting skills. The pictures of the Berlin artist, Susanne Schüffel, are far better than many art works I’ve seen in galleries. It is a shame how political correctness is slowly ruining our culture, our values and even our life. The political correct policy makers are the same sort of people who had implemented the ‘Nürnberg laws’ in countries around Nazi Germany; even before the Germans had actually invaded the country. Why are they are so afraid? Muslims are normally not interested in art. If they like nude, they find it on pornography sites on internet or video’s. If asylum seekers do not like to see them on their way to a course German, let them wear sunglasses. By the way, the same had happened few years ago in the Netherlands. On July 2010, three paintings of the artist Sylivia Bosch were removed from the ‘Lingepolikliniek’ in Leerdam. Reason: the artist had painted pigs on her works and according to the managers of the clinic it can confront Muslims. The person who had asked for the removal of the paintings is a non Muslims who wanted to express his consideration on Muslim feelings.

Anonymous said...

I think the downfall of Europe have started, won't be too long now. Please Google '' muslim demography ''

chimoi said...

@roni. I had a freind that had a butchers shop and he told me that one day,a teacher at the local school came into his shop and pointing to the 2 pigs heads in his window display,
said´´dont you think that could be offensive ?we have a lot of muslim kids at the school
they could be offended´´always happy to help´´ he said, then went
to the back of the shop returning with a third pigs head and placing it in the window--is that ok for you?the droll butcher of not halal...still makes me smile

Roni said...

@Chimoi. That is exactly the way to deal with the matter. Your butcher friend has guts and does not bend. He did not start a quarrel, did not offend ...just took it as a joke and placed a third pig head in the window shop. I bet the story makes your still laughing. I like this kind of jokes. During the ' 70 it was normal in the Netherlands to mention religion on hospital forms and other official papers. One day I had to fill at the hospital a form. As a religion I had written Satanist and as occupation: Samba dancer. My answers had not appealed to the secretary and she had said: You does not look like a Samba dancer!. My answer was: do I look like a Satanist?

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