Monday, 25 November 2013
For eight months, a group of criminals aged 15-18 robbed high school students in South Amsterdam . Five of the eleven suspects were arrested this morning.

Their victims, mostly second - and third-graders, were robbed of their iPhones, headphones, money, identification cards (ID) and clothing using with threats, extortion and violence. Ten declarations have been made. Many more are expected.

Victims were carefully selected and often repeatedly extorted and robbed. The perpetrators are of Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean origin. Some are still at school, others are school dropouts. According to police, they operated in various ways. Their victims were sometimes told to take money with them to school, sometimes by Twitter.

"It is a classic example of extortion," say’s Paul Bos, chief of the Investigation District Zuid. “The perpetrators instilled fear in their victims who were repeatedly robbed."

The group was led by an eighteen-year-old boy. He too was arrested this morning. The proof against five boys is solid. More arrests are not ruled out. The boys went to work in a sophisticated way: they hung around on the Museumplein, Leidseplein and the Vondelpark and in this way made contact with the students from Zuid (South).

The police speak of a complex case. Many students from junior high schools in Zuid know the perpetrators, some of whom have been targeted in schools in or near Zuid. "The students in South had came into contact with this criminal group”, says Bos. Through these contacts, the perpetrators could easily appear at home parties of second and third graders. This happened in at least three house parties in the city, in which laptops, jewellery, iPhones, cash and clothing from guests and residents were stolen.

A thirteen -year-old second grader was extorted in school and robbed. If he did not give his money, he 'd be thoroughly beaten up. The parents of another victim, also a thirteen year old boy, who was robbed of his money and iPhone, finally hired security men who cycled with him to school. The parents found that the police waited too long to capture the perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

The article marks a new trend: the ethnicity of the perpetrators is clearly made public!!!. No depiction as: “a group of boy’s” or “a gang of high school students” etc.. The trend let the question rise: What the hell is going on? What has happened to all those political-correct editors? Have they seen the light?
The answer is No. Now they had have become victims. Their children are targeted. The journalists and editors, like the rest of the media, are the spear point of multiculturalism and political-correct attitude toward migrants and refugees as long as they themselves live in a nice white place; far away from the beloved ‘new Dutch’ from the Third World.
Despite the fact that I am sorry for those teenagers, I am happy that it had happened this time to kids of multiculuralist left-wingers and Libertarians. Rich kids had fallen victim to the ‘Brave New World’ their parents had created for us. Their parents do not fill any compassion for the poor Dutch indigenous children who’s parents have no means to escape the hell of the mixed neighborhoods. Children who are endangered right from the moment they are leaving the door of their parents home. Political-correct left wingers and libertarians have no trace of sympathy toward the young people who are biking, on their way home, and are attacked by a pack of ‘enriching Islamic, Asian and African filth’ only because they are whites. They are beaten half death and left behind with broken skulls.
However, by targeting left-wing rich kids, the ‘Wake Up call for the Netherlands’ will take in short term a racing speed. Anti Islam, anti multiculturalism and anti immigration will be very soon Salon fähig.
In the meantime it would be very healthy for the Netherlands and the rest of western- and northern Europe to see the following link:

Anonymous said...

The punishment should be broken arms and legs for the muzzie gang members and their mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles. Then, deport the whole lot of them into Mali with a fond AMF!

Anonymous said...

Muzzie is, as far as I know, the nick name for an immigrant in Danish (or also other Scandinavian languages). As for the Netherlands, it should be better to deport them with their families at once. Putting them in jail and let them run the whole circus of lawyers, courts, human right organizations and Halal food in jail cost too much tax payers money. Money that is not available in a time of economical crisis. More efficient is 'Play it the “Gestapo-way' and pick them from bed at night, put them on giant Herculesses and wish them Good bye and good luck. The Scandinavian countries have more space (think about countries like Norway and Sweden) they can build internment camps on Spitzbergen or somewhere by the Polar circle and keep them there till there is an available place on the Herculess that bring them home.

zinnat said...

Wie of wat u ook wilt (laten) vervoeren: personen, documenten of pakketten, bij Marcus bent u altijd aan het goede adres. Onze gestage groei danken wij aan een hoge mate van klanttevredenheid. Wie die eenmaal heeft ervaren, wil niet meer anders!

david lee said...

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