Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Extracts from an interview with Yigit Bulut, chief adviser to Turkish president Erdogan.
How tired of the EU is Turkey?

The EU should reconsider the position of Turkey, for its own good.

For the good of the EU? Why?

A new world order is being created. Countries like India, China and Japan are growing. Europe is losing power. For Europe to gain power again, it needs the resources of Turkey - for example energy or labour. Europe should not look at Turkey emotionally, but in a calculating way. It won't take much more before Turkey turns away from the EU.

...In this state ethnic background is unimportant. And while Turkey has resolved the ethnic question, Europe is turns back ever further to the right. That is worrying.

Is this the New Turkey that the AKP [tn: Erdogan's political party] likes to speak of?

The president recently spoke of a New Great Turkey. We want to be imperial, but not imperialistic. After the collapse of the monarchies, the nation states were founded. Now the nation states are giving way to the great power constellations and axes. Turkey is one of these powers.
Source: DiePresse Via: EuropeNews


Mohammed Wazaterd said...

".......In this state (Turkey) ethnic background is unimportant...."
Unless, of course, you happen to be non-muslim.

"....For Europe to gain power again, it needs the resources of Turkey - for example energy or labour....."

Not true at all - but even if it were - why should Turkey suddenly develop an altruistic streak never before seen, just to 'help' Europe?

".... And while Turkey has resolved the ethnic question, ..."

'How?', you ask. By becoming increasingly dictatorial, increasingly anti-semitic and increasingly islamic.

Anonymous said...

The rise of the neo-ottomans! There is no being "imperial" without being "imperialistic". These islamic cunts are the clients of the EU and the US, but they will bite the hand that feeds them. Turkey will try to lead the sunni-islamic world in a new caliphate, doing so they will come into conflict with the globalist rulers of the West.

Anonymous said...

That is to say that the EU and US are creating a monster they can never hope to control. The globalist dilletantes in power are perhaps even more dangerous than the movers and shakers of the sunni caliphate-movement.

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