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As you can see from the photo, it was a march by invaders against resistance to their invasion.

"It's not the first time I've falsified the results of an online poll," explains to the person who claims to have generated, all on his own, a "massive vote" on the site on the question of the day: "Being sacked for wearing a veil at work, does that shock you?" Intended for the program "Soir 3" on Wednesday, the online poll showed 83% in favour of "Yes", but France 3 decided not to broadcast the results on the network, citing "abnormal activity" that "resembles hacking". And giving rise to accusations of "censorship".

"I've already performed similar actions on a poll for the LCP, Dauphiné libéré or Europe 1 sites," explains this IT entrepreneur who prefers to remain anonymous. But I'm not a vandal or anti-polls. I'd prefer to be an activist but I don't have time." Aged 30 and Muslim, he doesn't define himself as a defender of the Muslim cause either and underlines the fact that he has acted on other subjects. "I'm just curious and I'm just trying the techniques...", he says.
Source: Le Monde

This clip comes from the Swedish crime show Wanted, which features perpetrators of crimes who are being sought by the police. The brownskins wanted to travel for free, but when the bus driver insisted that they pay, they beat him up.

Note the television station pixellates the images of the perpetrators, making them completely useless for the purposes of identification. Political correctness trumps all.

Source: Avpixlat

Recently, I linked (in the ioStream) to a story about a French court mandating that a prison had to supply halal meals to its inmates. This new requirement, if it survives the appeal that the French government has announced, will probably be rolled out across all French prisons.

In another story about this in Le Figaro, I found an interesting detail that wasn't mentioned in the France24 story.
The company Sodexo Justice Services today supplies three types of meal in prison: normal, without pork and vegetarian. These menus thus do not contain any halal meat "although the inmates are users of public services in a condition of constraint".
Source: Le Figaro

So the prison was already supplying both a no-pork meal and a vegetarian meal. But that wasn't enough for the Muslims. They wanted halal meals too. We all know that halal certification essentially involves a "Muslim tax" French taxpayers will have to pay, and some of this money will undoubtedly find its way to funding the Jihad.

We're all familiar with the propagandistic handling of news reporting. I've occasionally discussed the multicult propaganda woven into fiction. This is particularly evident in French cinema. (See posts about this here, here, here and here.) Usually, this is done by stealth. Here, however, we have a completely frank admission from the head of Italian state broadcasting that she is using fiction to promote multicult propaganda and thinks all state broadcasters should do the same.
ROME - The head of Italian state broadcaster RAI, Anna Maria Tarantola, said Friday that fictional television series could help build a shared Mediterranean identity. The sociopolitical use of television was the topic of her speech during an event on 'Italian and French media in the Mediterranean' at Rome's Accademia dei Lincei, organized by the Italiques association. Tarantola said that fiction series ''have an intrinsic social, cultural and political value, in the sense of 'polis'.

The Mediterranean is a super-polis held together by the sea: this is what RAI strongly believes. This is why we have set in motion initiatives such as two fiction series, one of which will be on a marriage between an Italian woman and a North African man and another on the separation and reuniting of families. In the latter, an Italian lawyer meets a child who has fled Syria and who eventually gets reunited with his refugee parents in Germany.'' There are an abundance of issues connected with the Mediterranean sea to choose from. ''Fiction series should work on issues like the women of the Mediterranean, a potential driving force for true change in the region, and immigration, a complex, multifaceted issue that is a reality experienced by 232 million people in the world - this is how many migrants there are. Europe is not the only port of arrival, and is instead an area of origin for 25% of those emigrating to other parts of the world.'' To tell of migrations means going beyond simply news reports, ''beyond the boats arriving on Lampedusa''.

''There is the need to convey the human drama of these people and these families, the pain for their loved ones who go missing, the difficulties in the reception facilities.'' This is something, she said, ''all the European Union's public broadcasters should work together on. Only in this way can we foster knowledge and reduce the fear.'' (ANSAmed).
Source: Ansamed
Friday, 29 November 2013

Spitting, punctured tyres, blasphemous graffiti: the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Dormition, in Jerusalem, have been the target of incessant harassment for several months. At the beginning of October, the tension mounted a notch when about 15 graves were vandalised in a Protestant cemetery next to the monastery. "We are no longer in a simple dispute among neighbours," worried Brother Nikodemus, spokesman for the community, "and no one knows how it's going to end."

The twelve monks and around twenty students who chose to live at the summit of Mount Zion, two steps from the Old City, attribute their torments to young extremist Jews who gravitate around the neighbouring Talmudic school. To hear these religious figures, some students of the Yeshiva Diaspora have little tolerance for the promixity of the monastery to this site, to which both religions attach great importance. "Once the night has fallen, we can't go out any more without being spat on or a drunken youth telling us to go back to our own country," recalls Father Nikodemus.

The Israeli police, informed about the most serious incidents, proceeded to make some arrests. At the start of October, two pupils of the Yeshiva Diaspora as well as two young colonists recently expelled from the West Bank because of their violent behaviour were arrested durng the investigation into the profanation of the Lutheran cemetery. According to the monks, however, the suspects were immediately released and the authorities are making only very limited efforts to crack down on these goings-on.

According to locals, it's the atmosphere of the district as a whole that has progressively worsened in the course of recent months. At the end of May, unknown persons punctured the tyres of several cars parked in front of the abbey and wrote graffiti on the walls saying "Jesus is an ape".

..."It's a misunderstanding," protests Rabbi Avraham Goldstein, director of the institution. Since the foundation of the Yeshiva Diaspora, in 1966, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering a message of peace and harmony between religions. I can't imagine for an instance that our students would have been capable of such violence."
Source: Le Figaro

Sound familiar?

I confidently predict you won't be reading about this incident in Raymond Ibrahim's regular round-up of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. JihadWatch won't feature it, nor will Atlas Shrugs, nor FrontPageMag, nor any of the other so-called Counterjihad websites. Yet if exactly the same harassment had taken place with Muslim perpetrators, they would have leapt upon it with glee.

There is only one site that dares to tell the truth. All of the truth.

And yet more from the great country of Nigeria.

Police in Toledo last August freed two children who were being held by an organization that allegedly forced their mothers to work as prostitutes, Spanish authorities announced on Thursday.

The mothers, two Nigerian women, were found in the north of France where they were forced to work in the sex trade to pay off debts the organization said they owed, which ranged from 30,000 to 40,000 euros, police said.

The children, both about three years old, were found suffering from malnutrition at a home in Valmojado, near Toledo in August. They were also subjected to abuse, including being given sedatives by their captors. The children were thought to have been held for at least four months. Several people were arrested including one leader of the gang that captured the women.
Source: El País

The longer Spanish version of the article (here) says the women were forced to walk across Africa to Morocco, where they travelled to Spain in small boats before being taken to the Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIE) [Centre for Detention of Foreigners]. This means they were coming as "asylum seekers".

Incarcerated in Fresnes (Val-de-Marne), a prisoner was subjected to pressure and threats from a radical Islamist fellow prisoner before securing a change of cell.

Religion was his ordeal. Four months after the facts, Antoine (name changed) can hardly speak of the 72 days of detention in which he was subjected to death threats and intimidation from fellow prisoners who wanted to convert him to Islam by force, which for them equivalent to salvation.

His story starts at the end of May when the young man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a rape he has always denied.

After the verdict, Antoine was incarcerated in the prison in Fresnes (Val-de-Marne), in the area for new arrivals. After a week, he was transferred to a cell of 9 square metres, where two fellow prisoners awaited him. "I started talking to the first but the second, who had a long beard, acted as if I wasn't there," says Antoine. An indifference of short duration. When he came back from his walk, the silent one spoke to Antoine.

"He asked me why I was there and, above all, if I was a believer," he recalls. I replied that I was a Catholic but not very active in practice. He immediately replied saying this was an error, "because the only religion worthy of the name was Islam." He showed several religious works and urged his fellow prisoner to "forget everything he learned outside the walls, because his only salvation would come from conversion to the Muslim religion." In order to pacify the situation, Antoine agreed to read one of the books.

Three days later, he asked to speak with one of the prison psychologists. "She tried to prevaricate, telling me that things would go back to normal and that if I asked to be moved, there was a risk that I would meet people who were even more violent," he recalls.

After a week, the young man went out on a walk for the first time. "Five people, including my cell mate, surrounded me in a corner of the yard and threatened me, explaining to me that I had better read the books and convert rapidly."

Panic-stricken, Antoine alerted his lawyer and the prison officials. "In the course of the next few days, they were yelling my surname in the passageways, calling me a grass and saying I would go to hell. I begged to be transferred to the cooler because I knew it was the only place I would be safe," he continues. "But I stayed in the same cell. I was terrorised more and more. One evening my cell mate spoke to me about Jews and offered some antisemitic insults. I told him that, personally, I had nothing against this religion. That made him go into a black rage."

The next day, he would pay for his remarks. "In the early evening, one of the guards let a prisoner from one of the neighbouring cells into my cell with a 20 cm blade in his hand," he says. The guard, who is currently subject to an administrative inquiry, left, slamming the door. For about twenty minutes, the young man confronted his cell mate and his accomplice, alone: "They warned me: 'If you don't convert, you're a dead man'."

Told by Antoine about these new threats — corroborated by other prisoner testimony - the prison management decided to move him to another cell, under a false name to avoid reprisals. At the same time, a search of his former cell was organised. Along with mobile phones and SIM cards, the guards discovered several books, including one: "How to convert a non-Muslim."

Antoine, however, continued to suffer. A few days later, he was kicked and punched by several fellow prisoners in a passageway. The day after, seven people suspected of aggressive proselytism, including his cell mate, were identified with the help of agents from the prison information service. They were moved to other prisons. Antoine was freed in mid-September.
Source: Le Parisien

Thursday, 28 November 2013
European intelligence services are very worried about a new phenomenon: ‘The pop jihad’. A growing number of Muslim youths are flirting with the symbols of Al - Qaeda, which are distributed by social media. By using social media young people can thus be rapidly radicalised.

The Dutch ‘National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security’ (NCTV) considers jihad as a lifestyle to be ”extremely worrying”. Though figures on the number of pop jihadis are not known to NCTV, according to a spokesman it is not 'a significant number'. Some of them go to Syria in order to fight. However, not only young people from the Randstad are involved, but also other parts of the Netherlands.

NCTV puts the number of ‘Syria Jihad travelers’ at a hundred. Last Monday, it was announced that a seventh Dutch jihad warrior was slain in Syria. It was 26-year-old Abu Jandal from Delft. Under the pseudonym Abu Fidaa, he was the contact person for the interview with a group of Dutch jihadists that the Volkskrant published in June. He died from the injuries he sustained, two weeks ago, in a bomb attack, said Abu Moussa, the liaison for jihad-goers in the Netherlands.

According to sources of ‘De Volkskrant’ in cities like Arnhem, Ede - Wageningen, Zwolle, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Rotterdam, parents conceal the departure of their children to Syria for fear of stigmatisation. From Arnhem alone, ten to fifteen youths are in Syria; more than four officially known to the authorities. "A worrying trend, which the mayor did not respond to quickly enough”, says Natasha Elfrink, president of the local Young Socialists. According to Mayor Herman Kaiser, the local government can do little if the travellers are of age. "But in the case of minors, we are very alert” ."On Friday, the Young Socialists organised a well-attended debate on the Syria jihad travelers, in which also radical youths participated.

In Belgium, Germany and England, too, the popularity of jihad among Muslim youth is growing. The British newspaper ‘The Times’ reported on Thursday, in an opening story, the death of four young British fighters. The boys were trained by jihad fighter Yilmaz, a Turkish-Dutch ex-soldier.

European intelligence services believe that the biggest danger is the return of ideologically and militarily trained Jihadi fighters. All intelligence services are keeping in mind that they can prepare or carry out attacks. As greater numbers of Muslim youths are travelling, there will be more who are returning. This is a major concern for the intelligence services, who do not have the resources to follow them all closely.

The investigators then discovered the suspect, stuffed with drugs, parked in his car in an underground garage in Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), as well as two letters: a will and another, very confused, in which he denounces "a fascist plot", "capitalism", "the bourgeois", "money makers", the "market", "the management of the banlieues" [suburban ghettos], "the media" and their "journowhores", accused of participating in the "manipulation of the masses".

In other passages, cited by Libération, he declares his support for the "ordinary men who are fighting fascism", such as the "volunteers in Syria and the unfortunate C. Méric", who "thus died for nothing". In reference to Islam, he attacks the "colonisers who are going to shit on the Prophet" and declares that "[his] desperate coreligionists are numerous in France and that [his] analyses are today sliding in their veins, burning with radicalism".
Source: Valeurs Actuelles

A 34-year-old man from Somalia accused of raping a dying woman in a garage in Stockholm. According to the prosecutor died the woman during the rape, but the man chose to continue the abuse. Prosecution has also been brought for breaching the peace of the grave.

It was early in the morning of 27 September. Police received an alarm that the two men were having intercourse with a woman who was completely unconscious on the floor of a parking garage under the Sheraton Hotel in Vasagatan in Stockholm.

When police arrived at the scene they found a 34 year old man from Somalia, who was in the midst of an anal intercourse with the woman. Police checked the woman's pulse and found that she was dead.

The man was arrested by police and detained two days later by the Stockholm District Court, on suspicion of aggravated rape. The prosecutor had asked for him to be arrested for murder, but the district court found that the evidence for the suspicion was not strong enough.

Now the 34-year-old is charged with rape and crimes against the peace of the grave. According to the indictment, the woman was alive but helpless on the ground, such as from the influence of drugs and alcohol, when the man began anal intercourse with her. The prosecution alleges that the woman died during the sexual intercourse and the man then proceeded to have sex with the dead body.

The "[34 year old] has ... performed sexual acts after [the woman] had died and therefore certainly affronted the body of [the woman]," the prosecutor in that part of the description of the act relating to the crime of disturbing the peace of the grave.

The accused man denies that he was guilty of rape. According to him, there was voluntary sexual intercourse between him and the woman.

But that explanation does not hold, says the prosecutor who indicted the 34-year-old.

- She is dying and the influence of various products so I think that she cannot give consent to voluntary sexual intercourse. She is in a vulnerable situation that allows this to be classified as a rape, said prosecutor Daniel Jonsson to Fria Tider.

At the autopsy, it was found that the woman had alcohol, traces of cocaine and various prescription drugs in her body when she died. There were no signs of external violence, according to Daniel Jonsson, who explains that the cause of death is listed as an "abuse-related accident" in the autopsy report. The woman may have died from a combination of the influence of drugs and the fact that she was in generally poor physical condition.

The other man who witnesses saw at the site has been cleared of suspicion, because the prosecutor believes that there is not sufficient evidence to charge him with any crime.

The 34-year-old is also being prosecuted for another similar rape that allegedly occurred on 13 August. At that point, the man targeted a woman who, according to the prosecution, was in a vulnerable position because of "sleep and intoxication."
Source: Via: Avpixlat
Wednesday, 27 November 2013

In the recent elections in Germany, the Left won only 26% of the vote compared to 42% for the "conservative" CDU/CSU. Despite this, after tortuous coalition negotiations, the Left have just about everything they asked for.

Here's the stuff related to support for the ongoing invasion of Europe.
Strengthening the Welcoming and Recognition Culture

We will strengthen the Welcoming and Recognition culture in our country. This promotes social cohesion and at the same time enhances the attractiveness of our country for foreign specialist workers, whom we need.

To improve the Welcoming Culture, the offices dealing with foreigners have a key role to play. Many of these offices dealing with foreigners have therefore started to place greater focus on their service character for immigrants. We welcome this development, want to strengthen it with the federal states and will offer targeted support to local authorities through a consultancy package and offers of training.

The Welcoming and Recognition Culture includes the intercultural opening of state and society. We will therefore show complete commitment to this in all areas of life, especially voluntary undertakings (e.g. fire service, emergency services) and culture, sport and in the health and care sector.

We see diversity as an opportunity and will therefore strengthen the Diversity Charter and Diversity thinking in the economy and strengthen it further in conjunction with business. We will oppose any form of discrimination.

In the federal authorities we want to continue on the path already begun in the National Integration Action Plan and raise the share of people with an immigrant background in public service. We will emphasise recruiting young immigrants for training in public service. From the year 2014, we will increase the proportion of immigrants in federal ministries and business offices on a voluntary basis, based on uniform standards.

It has this to say about Mohammedanism and the dual citizenship issue for Turks.
The many contributions Muslim associations and groups have made to our communal well-being - such as the integration of Muslim immigrants and their descendants into our society, as well as the dialogue between cultures and religions - is worthy of our esteem and support. In this sense, we want to continue with the German Islam Conference.

...Whoever is born and grows up in Germany should not have to lose their German passport and should not be subject to an option obligation.
Source: PI

The option obligation forced Turks born in Germany to make a choice between German citizenship and Turkish citizenship at the age of 23. Presumably, they will now be able to acquire both.
The following statements concern the problems of immigration and were printed in national newspapers. Can you guess who said what, and where?

1) What is so wrong about British people in Britain being ruled by British people?

2) The way immigrants from Europe are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage.

3) In Britain, half-a-million immigrants have found a new home and in many respects are given favoured treatment here. Many of them are Poles and Romanians and there is an uncontrolled influx of them at the moment.

Once it was Jews ‘eating’ babies, now it’s Roma ‘selling’ them

4) If immigrants do not wish to be naturalised, then they should be deported. It is not racist to say the interests of the country must come first, citizens owe an allegiance to the nation. It is important that Muslims understand that.

Number one is from the Nazis’ favourite propaganda rag, Der Sturmer. Two is from the Daily Mail in 1939, three a Sunday Express editorial from the same time, and the last is from Oswald Mosley, in an interview about the rise of the British Fascist party.
OK, so I cheated and replaced the word Jew with Muslim or Pole or Romanian, and occasionally Germany for Britain. But I didn’t change a single other word.

The point is that we are dangerously sleep-walking into another period of outright hostility to a minority — or minorities — seeking refuge from their own war-torn, impoverished and hate-fuelled communities and countries. And this time those who are part of an ethnic minority — the Jewish community, for instance, of which I am a member, or Asian or Afro-Caribbean — are part of an establishment turning a blind eye to the virulent chants of the mob.

Yes, circumstances are different today. Yes, there are some who seek to abuse the British government’s generosity. Yes, our population is already bigger than ever, with enormous strains on our infrastructure.

Yet it is also true that some circumstances today are eerily familiar to those in the first half of the last century. It is all too easy to find a scapegoat to “blame” for our woes and rising taxes. We still do not like outsiders — and the rest of Europe distrusts them even more. Once it was Jews eating babies; now it is Roma “selling” them.

On Question Time the other week, Conservative Minister Anna Soubry finally peeled away UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s sinister mask of bonhomie, pouring scorn on his scaremongering tactics. She claimed he was deliberately “putting fear in people’s hearts”, that instead of looking at the facts he preferred to “turn to the stranger and you blame them”.

UKIP was a pretty effective one-policy pressure group that has somehow morphed into a political party attracting all manner of disillusioned and disenfranchised, many fuelled by anger at how “outsiders”, with their strange customs, languages and beliefs, are taking root in Britain.

Hunt down any of the national newspaper websites for comments about that exchange on the BBC and you will find tweets, emails and comments from people expressing the most appalling racist sentiments.

Some of my Jewish friends talk about Muslims as if they were Nazis out to destroy us. My daughter sees it differently — her best friend is a Muslim who observes her culture strictly. At first, I imagine, the two considered themselves as having wildly different backgrounds. Now when they talk about their beliefs, practices and family traits, they realise they are remarkably similar.

This is because we are all immigrants to this country. So it is beholden on us to ensure that the vile scaremongering, closet racism and disgraceful attacks in the media on the predominantly law-abiding and industrious immigrants from Poland, Romania and beyond are drowned out by the kind of compassion and understanding that allowed our grandparents safe passage.

The next time you see in a newspaper the words “flood”, “pour”, “swarming” or “wave” in conjunction with people, don’t turn the page without thinking how Goebbels got there first.

Grant Feller is a former national newspaper executive, now digital media consultant and director of GF-Media
Source: Jewish Chronicle

Baroness Neuburger recently said much the same.
Baroness Julia Neuberger says the Jewish community must speak out more on behalf of immigrants, and should welcome the Romanians and Bulgarians expected to arrive in the UK next year.

Baroness Neuberger, the senior rabbi of West London Synagogue, said prejudice against the immigrants from the two Balkan states — who will be able to settle in Britain in 2014 as a result of membership of the EU — “really does stink”.

She added: “Unless they are a convert, no Jew in the UK is not an immigrant or economic migrant. We who know about prejudice should speak out. There is a Jewish voice on immigration, but it’s not a loud voice.

“It’s not a popular thing to say, ‘let more people into Britain’.”

She praised the migrant drop-in centres organised by the West London and New North London synagogues. “These things are enormously important,” she said.
Source: Jewish Chronicle

But while Jewish elite opinion is almost unanimous in favour of immigration, there is a greater range of views among ordinary Jews.
David Finlay, member of Alyth Reform Synagogue
“I agree we have to be sympathetic towards new immigrants. But there are broader issues to do with the economy and the benefits system. Immigrants who come here need to make a proper contribution to the country. Jewish people have always found work and made a contribution. Immigrants have an obligation to repay the hospitality given to them and not be a burden on the welfare system.”

Rhea Wolfson, aged 23, communications manager
“The Jewish community absolutely should stand side-by-side with immigrant communities in the UK. We all have a moral obligation to speak out for others suffering hardship and it is hypocritical for Jews not to stand firmly in the corner of immigrants and economic migrants.”

Judy Gillespie, aged 56, member of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue
“There’s not enough space on this island. The Romanians don’t have a particularly good reputation. Crime is escalating and it’s too easy for them to use the benefits system. There aren’t enough checks and balances, and there aren’t enough jobs to go round.

"I guess it’s too late now. We’ve opened the door and now all that’s left is to be a gracious host. I’m very worried though. My husband wants to put up new gates outside our house because we feel there has been an increase in crime.”

Rebecca Lee, aged 27, recent graduate in sociology
“Jews have a responsibility always to try and speak up for those deemed ‘outsiders’. It’s worrying that Israelis seem to be ever shifting to the right, and making life hard for immigrants. If British Jews can be a voice for immigrants inside UK society, it will help others, strengthen our shared Jewish values and keep the sense of our own history alive.”

Aya Berr, aged 58, manager of Steimatzky bookshop, Golders Green, originally from Israel, has lived in the UK for 27 years
“Immigration is a good thing — it adds cultural diversity, but immigrants have to obey the law of this country and not try to enforce their culture on the rest of society.”

Adam Cohen, aged 28, lawyer
“For me it’s a no-brainer. Of course we should welcome these newcomers. But I don’t think it’s necessarily an issue specifically for the Jewish community — it’s a society-wide thing. We get the benefits from being in the EU, like free trade and open markets for our exporters, so we also have to accept the other side of things.

"People from other EU countries are going to want to come here. We don’t say anything about the numbers of French people here in London.”

Steven M (declined to give full name), 50, property developer
“There are two types of immigrants — those who make a contribution like the Jews and those who take advantage of the welfare state. I think there are many immigrants who take advantage of the British temperament of being very open and good to people. But when it comes to Romanians, they make a great contribution and are very hard-working.”
Source: Jewish Chronicle

Almost half of the Flemish people want as little as possible to do with people of foreign origin. That despite the fact that only a minority regularly comes into contact with strangers.

40% thinks Muslims are a threat to our culture

45% just want people of Belgian origin in the district

47% believe that migrants only want social security benefits

Almost half of the Flemish do not want immigrants in their own neighborhood. That's one of the findings of the ‘Flemish Migration and Integration Monitor’, writes ‘De Morgen’.

The research department of the Flemish government asked Flemings between 18 and 85 years old about the composition of their ideal neighbourhood. Forty-five percent said they wanted to live only with persons of Belgian origin in a neighbourhood. Another 38 percent prefer a neighbourhood with "more people of Belgian origin than of foreign origin".

47 percent of those surveyed also think that immigrants "come here to benefit from our social security”. Regarding Muslims, 40 percent say "they are a threat to our culture and customs." Half of the Flemish see the presence of different cultures as an enrichment of our society.

More than half of the Flemish people (51 %) never have contact with people of foreign origin in their neighborhood. Fewer than three out of ten Flemish people say they deal with persons of foreign origin and chat with them at least once per month.

"Unknown is unloved," said Jozef De Witte, Director of the “Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism”. He puts the responsibility on failed migration and integration." Instead of accepting migration and leading it in the right direction, the Flemings are still in the denial phase. We consider ourselves superior. Simultaneously, we have never been so afraid to go down."

The study will be presented at a conference of the ‘Centre for Integration and the Flemish Parliament’. ( Belga / TV )


Another attack has taken place on the Islam-critical author Zahid Khan, who sees himself as another prophet.

On Tuesday night Khan was attacked in front of his house by an unknown person wielding a knife. The 57-year-old spoke to ECHO of another murder attempt on him. He said he got out of his car at 1.30 am exactly in order to open the garage door. At the same time the passenger of another car also got out and stabbed him. The attacker wore an Arab-style kaftan. Only the fact that he always wears a protective vest under his jacket saved him from the worst injuries, said Khan. The attacker was able to flee. Police hunted the perpetrator without success.

The author, who lives in Rodgau, has attracted the ire of fundamentalist Muslims through writings like "The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed".
Source: Echo

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I give myself a present by punishing them hahaha. And I favour the blacks and the mixed race - if there's a "babtou" [slang for white] fighting with a black, I don't punish both. The babtou has to say "sorry" and he goes to the corner. The black can go and play - I'm going to punish all the little babtous who act smart in the recreation yard

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On Sunday night, the Saint Vincent-de-Paul church in the Ozanam district [of Carcassonne] was the target of a fire that was set deliberately. Objects of the liturgy were destroyed. The fire also damaged the choir and the sacristy.

"Whenever a synagogue or a mosque is touched, there is always a forceful and determined expression of indignation". His face hardened and his voice serious, Jean-Claude Pérez expressed forceful condemnation yesterday afternoon of "this scandalous and intolerable act" target the chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul on Sunday night. "It is scandalous in my opinion that acts like this, when a church is harmed, are treated as banal," the deputy-mayor thundered again, in front of the religious objects blackened by the flames and warped by the effect of the heat.

...Although the firemen were able to limit the propagation of the flames, there was significant damage to the interior of the building. However, the concrete structure was able to prevent the total incineration of the chapel.

Installed in a "sensitive" quarter, the Saint Vincent-de-Paul church has never been threatened specifically. "A few times we had small stones put in the locks, but never anything serious," recalls the churchman. "Kids' games!" picks up the deputy mayor, "but these are no longer kids' games."

... Luc Caraguel, le vicar general of the diocese, displays the same indignation. "Freedom of religion," he recalls, is also one of the elements of liberty per se," hastening to add that we "must not stigmatise a district or a population" and that it was appropriate to "keep a cool head" in relation to this event.

The Department of Health has opened an investigation to determine why the Centre of Blood Transfusions in Alicante has imposed separation of the sexes on its workers during the collection of blood planned for an Almoradí mosque between November 23 & 24 such that females nurses did not take blood from male donors and male nurses will not be able to do so from female donors, as demanded by the Islamic community.

The measure was again harshly criticised yesterday by the health trade union Satse who view it as violating the rights of health professionals by discriminating against them on grounds of sex.

This article was written on 16 November, that is before the planned blood collection which was due to take place last weekend. I'm not sure if the public fuss caused any change in the plans.
Monday, 25 November 2013
For eight months, a group of criminals aged 15-18 robbed high school students in South Amsterdam . Five of the eleven suspects were arrested this morning.

Their victims, mostly second - and third-graders, were robbed of their iPhones, headphones, money, identification cards (ID) and clothing using with threats, extortion and violence. Ten declarations have been made. Many more are expected.

Victims were carefully selected and often repeatedly extorted and robbed. The perpetrators are of Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean origin. Some are still at school, others are school dropouts. According to police, they operated in various ways. Their victims were sometimes told to take money with them to school, sometimes by Twitter.

"It is a classic example of extortion," say’s Paul Bos, chief of the Investigation District Zuid. “The perpetrators instilled fear in their victims who were repeatedly robbed."

The group was led by an eighteen-year-old boy. He too was arrested this morning. The proof against five boys is solid. More arrests are not ruled out. The boys went to work in a sophisticated way: they hung around on the Museumplein, Leidseplein and the Vondelpark and in this way made contact with the students from Zuid (South).

The police speak of a complex case. Many students from junior high schools in Zuid know the perpetrators, some of whom have been targeted in schools in or near Zuid. "The students in South had came into contact with this criminal group”, says Bos. Through these contacts, the perpetrators could easily appear at home parties of second and third graders. This happened in at least three house parties in the city, in which laptops, jewellery, iPhones, cash and clothing from guests and residents were stolen.

A thirteen -year-old second grader was extorted in school and robbed. If he did not give his money, he 'd be thoroughly beaten up. The parents of another victim, also a thirteen year old boy, who was robbed of his money and iPhone, finally hired security men who cycled with him to school. The parents found that the police waited too long to capture the perpetrators.

The editorial team of Charlie Hebdo made clear its "alarm" on Monday 25 November on discovering the "violence" in relation to it expressed in the words of a song from the soundtrack of the film La Marche, on screens from Wednesday 27 November, which, in a couplet, "calls for an auto-da-fe against these dogs" of the satirical magazine. The song in question was composed and is performed by a dozen well-known rappers, including Akhenaton, Disiz, Kool Shen and Nekfeu.

In the 7th couplet, which he performs, Nekfeu notably sings: "In your way there's nothing more out of date than the racist / These theorists want to silence Islam / What is the real danger: terrorism or Taylorism? / My people get up early, I've seen my boys work / I demand an auto-da-fe for these dogs of 'Charlie Hebdo'. "
Source: Le Monde

Where are they going to put all those people? And their children...?

"Swedish authorities cannot cope with the amount of refugees.

In September the Swedish government decided that all refugees from Syria must be offered permanent residence. Since then a record amount of refugees have arrived in Sweden putting the migration authorities under pressure. ...
In just a few weeks 1,800 asylum seekers arrived, and it is estimated that Sweden will take in 56,000 refugees in 2013. The prognosis for 2014 is 60,000 refugees. ...

Therefore the migration authorities are now asking for an additional 500 million kroners to hire 550 more people to handle the refugees."

The Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF) [Union of Jewish Students of France] is worried by the "success of the de-demonisation strategy of the Front National, undertaken by Marine Le Pen, among young people below 24, particularly men. In a Polling Vox poll carried out among 1003 people for the student association and published on 25 November, 55% of those aged 18-24 say they will "certainly" (23%) or "perhaps" (32%) vote for FN in the municipal elections of 2014. A figure that rises from 30% to 33% among young men. Across the population as a whole, these figures rise to 18% and 24% respectively, that is to say a total of 42% who do not rule out the idea.

"These figures suggest that for young people, the FN is a party like any other even though it structures itself around racism, antisemitism, fear of the immigrant and Islam. There has been a break in the transmission, added to the politeness of the media or political adversaries of Marine Le Pen," analyses Jonathan Hayoun, president of the UEJF.

...The UEJF wants to "launch an observatory of racism in the speeches of the campaign".
Source: Le Monde

Yet again we see Jews taking a stand with the Muslims, siding against the party that is trying to stop islamisation, and assuming that everyone will be too frightened of the charge of antisemitism to say anything about it. And almost everyone is.

If I was a member of a historically persecuted minority, I would probably think that taking a public position, in the name of my community, against a political movement that was trending towards majority support among young people was a pretty fucking stupid thing to do. But these people just don't get it.

French spies were so fed up with Britain harbouring terrorists that they hatched a plot to assassinate Abu Hamza on a London street, it was claimed last night.

Security officials were intending to kill the hook-handed cleric with a rifle while posing as members of the extremist group Combat 18.

The far-Right organisation would then have been left to take the blame for his death.
The French intelligence service, Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE), also hatched a separate plot to kidnap Hamza from outside his west London home and bundle him on a ferry to France.

They were concerned Algerian terrorists were planning an attack on the 1998 football World Cup and wanted to remove the hate preacher from circulation.

His ranting sermons outside the Finsbury Park mosque in north London were considered an inspiration to Algerian fanatics. The capital became known as ‘Londonistan’ – with French officials concerned the UK police and security services were not doing enough to combat Islamist extremism.

The claims are made by the HOPE not Hate anti-extremist think-tank and campaign group in a report on banned terror group al-Muhajiroun, which had strong ties to Hamza.
The report’s author, Nick Lowles, writes: ‘One plot hatched by French intelligence that has, until now, not previously come to light, was the idea of assassinating Abu Hamza in London.

‘The plan was to impersonate the British Nazi group Combat 18 and then allow them to take the blame.

‘In the immediate aftermath of the London nail-bombings, the French considered sending death threats in the style of C18 and then killing him with the same type of weaponry that the group was thought to possess.

'However, as with the kidnap plan, the assassination attempt was aborted and it is unclear how advanced the planning of either idea progressed.’
Source: Daily Mail

This information apparently comes from the far-left "antiracist" outfit Hope not Hate. As such, it should be taken with a pinch, if not handful, of salt, but I'm not sure what their angle on this would be.

Thile Sarrazin, you will recall, provoked furore in Germany by warning about the consequences of Mohammedan immigration in his book "Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab" [Germany is Unmaking itself].
A left-wing group calling itself "GERD" smeared the house of Thilo Sarrazin (68, SDP) on Sunday morning while he was fast asleep.

With pink paint, apparently from a water pistol, the perpetrators fired at the facade of the single-family house in Westend.

A police patrol car that regularly patrols there discovered the smeared house at 1.50 am. In a written acknowledgement, the perpetrators said the reason for the attack was Sarrazin's appearance in Leipzig-Schkeuditz (Saxony) at the weekend.

In advance of an event organised by a right-wing populist magazine under the motto "For the future of the family", the former senator also shared his impression of the family.

The co-author of the Russian anti-gay law, Jelena Misulina, appeared at the congress.
Sunday, 24 November 2013

There is a mostly worthless article in Le Monde in which Charb, the director of Charlie Hebdo, defends the magazine against accusations that it is "racist". I found this detail interesting however.
One day an Arab taxi driver ordered one of the magazine's employees, who he recognised, to get out [of the vehicle] right away because of drawings mocking the Muslim religion. Another day, a person we were speaking with refused us an interview because he "doesn't speak a magazine of gross racists."
Source: Le Monde

Europeans are the only moral people on earth. Why do I say this? Because morality consists in a willingness to accept and apply abstract standards of justice even when doing so conflicts with your own interests. Europeans are the only people on earth who consistently try to “do the right thing” even when they suffer as a consequence. Every non-European people, including the ones resident in European societies, simply ruthlessly advances its own ethnic interests then invents justifications for it afterwards. That is their morality. Or rather, their lack thereof.

Europeans perceive this phenomenon and tend to accept it as a given, often making excuses for the non-Europeans who act in this way. For example: they’re poor; they’re of recent immigrant origin; they face colour prejudice; they’re stupid (the last thought but almost never expressed openly). What’s clear to me, though, is that Jews exhibit exactly the same tendencies, even though none of these excuses apply to them. This became apparent in the recent threads on Jewish topics in which Jewish commenters participated. The most striking thing to emerge from these threads is that Jews are simple not capable of looking beyond their own blinkered ethnic perspective. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you cite to support a claim that Jews, somewhere, sometime, may have harmed the interests of non-Jews. They cannot admit it. Even when you bludgeon them over the head with evidence, they cannot step out of the boundaries of their self-imposed victim narrative. Exactly like Muslims, in other words.

I find this frightening, not so much for what it tells us about Jews, although that’s bad enough, but for what it tells us about human nature in general. Nor is it that Jews are really exceptional in this. They are simply acting in the way that all non-European peoples act. In other words, they ruthlessly advance their own ethnic interests. Their morality and their ethnic interests are co-equivalent. Insofar as they have rational faculties, those faculties are used to justify their actions retrospectively, not to decide, on the basis of abstract standards of justice, what those actions should be.

We Europeans are surrounded by ethnic predators, many of whom are now resident in our societies and have infiltrated themselves into positions of power within those societies. These predators ruthlessly advance their own ethnic interests by telling us that we should disregard ours. They ruthlessly advance their own ethnic interests by telling us that ethnic interests don’t matter. And we believe them. We take them seriously. Why? It is as if we have practised unilateral disarmament in a belligerent world.

These aliens have grasped the truth expressed in the first sentence of this essay: Europeans are the only moral people on earth. It is our morality, our willingness to disregard kin preference, that made our societies dominant throughout the world. It did this by liberating the talent that, in other societies where unrestrained kin preference reigned, would have remained locked in and underutilised. The Arab who was a potentially brilliant engineer never got the chance to use his talents because the sheikh’s cousin had a monopoly on engineering work in the kingdom. The potentially brilliant Chink scientist never got a chance to show his talents because his country was ruled by an elite kin group whose leading figure, the emperor, wasn’t interested in science. The openness that characterised our societies was our strength, but also our weakness: our tragic flaw. A tragic flaw is a characteristic that leads a hero initially to success - it is what makes him heroic - but, ultimately, it seals his doom. Modern multiculturalism, the eager embrace of the alien, is just the latest, and now pathological, expression of this longstanding tendency in our civilisation towards the disregard of kin group preference.

Non-European peoples who find themselves involved in conflicts of interest with European peoples – which means virtually all non-European peoples on earth, including and especially those resident in European societies – have grasped that the easiest way to get the better of Europeans is not to confront them directly. It is not to challenge them openly and meet them on the field of battle. It is, instead, to learn to manipulate their extraordinarily high ethical standards and to use them as a weapon against them. These aliens quickly learn to mimic the vocabulary of European moral idealism, without sharing any of its spirit. Tariq Ramadan is a contemporary Muslim master of the art, but it is a game the Jews have long excelled at.

Once the aliens have learned how to press Europe’s guilt buttons, they can set off moral civil wars among us so that we are incapable of banding together to defend our interests. The recent refusal of the Danish People’s Party to join the alliance proposed by Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen is an example of this. The supposed “antisemitism” of the Front National was the reason cited. Like the recently liberated London slaves, we Europeans are held captive in “invisible chains”. The chains are the guilt memes that have been instilled into us throughout our lives.

I’ve tried to think of an analogy for those Europeans, semi-aware of the looming catastrophe, who nonetheless side against those trying to stop it because they deem them to have stepped on to the wrong side of some ethereal anathema line. The best I can come up with is this: There is a family that cannot afford to feed its children properly. They are slowly starving to death. One day the parents of the family are offered a package of food for free. It could save their children’s lives. But they decide to turn it down because “it’s not organic”. They would rather let their children starve to death than violate the rarefied and extreme ethical standards they have internalised.

This is the affliction we see in Europe now among those aware of the slow genocide immigration is inflicting on us: UKIP banning BNP and EDL members from joining; Douglas Murray telling Tommy Robinson to fuck off; Tommy Robinson abandoning the EDL because of the “extremists”; the anti-jihad activists who jeered as Golden Dawn was taken down; the Counterjihadists now boycotting me because I have dared to point out harsh truths about the consequences of Jewish activism in favour of immigration, multiculturalism and the criminalisation of free speech. Everyone oppressed by their guilt syndrome, terrified of being anathematised, panicked at the prospect of the Inquisition turning up at their door. Everyone wants to do something about the problem, just nothing that would actually work. Everyone looking for a way to walk between the raindrops without getting wet.

How do we escape this predicament? First, become aware of what is happening. The knowledge itself is liberating: non-European peoples are manipulating our sense of ethics to make us believe that defending our interests is wrong and advancing their interests is right. Second, we must strive to make ourselves immune to this guilt-based manipulation.

Guilt-based manipulation generally operates through what I call the Oriental Method of Discourse. The Oriental Method of Discourse works by challenging the motivation of the person making a proposition rather than the content of the proposition itself. Usually, this involves an attack on the person’s moral purity. All of the guilt-based slurs we have become wearily familiar with – racist, islamphobe, antisemite – work in this way.
The solution is to simply ignore attacks on your motivation. Don’t defend yourself against them. Doing so only legitimates the use of the Oriental Method. Insist instead that a person’s motivation doesn’t matter. The facts matter. The objective realm of fact, action and data, not the subjective realm of thought, emotion, motivation, should form the basis of any serious discourse. We must aspire to an understanding of objective truth. That is what has distinguished our civilisation through the ages. Discussion should be evidence-driven. We must not allow ourselves to get lost in superstitious oriental fantasies of Good vs. Evil.

Muslim colonisation, and the islamisation it implies, is clearly the most awful consequence this culture of guilt has produced. But the Counterjihad movement, in its current form, is not equipped to deliver a solution to this problem. Dominated by American Jews or those under their influence, endlessly obsessed with their Nazi/antisemitism goofery, many of these people are, in fact, among the foremost practitioners of this culture of oriental guilt induction.

The solution to the predicament we are in is not to redraw the anathema line slightly by reconfiguring the guilt syndrome to put “extremist Muslims” on the wrong side of it. It is to abolish it altogether. The idea that “across this line be demons” is an absurd one that belongs in the Middle East, the Middle Ages, or Lord of the Rings, not modern European political discourse.

Unless you can break the guilt spell, unless you can free your mind and harden your spirit sufficiently that you become immune to guilt-based manipulation by non-Europeans and those afflicted by their ideas, then you, however Islam-aware you are, will forever be part of the problem and not its solution.

When they are asked to imagine the situation in France in ten years, 67% of the persons polled say they are "pessimistic", and 25% even "very pessimistic".

For 72% of the people polled, the "different groups that make up France" will thus live "with tensions". If the study does not specify the nature of these groups, it relativises, however, the purely "identitarian" dimension of the preoccupation. Only 11% of those polled cite "the tensions linked to diversity" as their principal fear for the future.
Source: Le Monde

It's the proof by nine that what appeared to be irregular immigration is also, at times, the trade in human beings. In the Centro de Estancia Temporal de Inmigrantes (CETI) [Centre for Temporary Residence of Immigrants] of Melilla, DNA tests were done in summer on a handful of sub-Saharan men and women who had recently arrived in the city by boat.

“There was behaviour that made the social workers supicious because the supposed parents didn't not take care of their children," explains Carlos Montero, director of CETI where around 1000 immigrants are currently being housed, double its capacity. The tests were negative. They were not their children.

Milagros Núñez, a manager for the Red Cross care program for immigrants, also indicates that her volunteers have, at times, observed, in their reception centres in Andalusia, that "there are mothers who don't remember how long they've been breastfeeding their child, when their first teeth came out and even they are disgusted by changing their nappy."

Those were were subjected to the proof of paternity in Melilla and for whom the test was negative had their children taken away from them and moved into centres for dependent children in the autonomous city. "This separation apparently didn't provoke any grief," says Montero.

“One fake parent even came forward and admitted that the son wasn't his," recalls Montero. Those who refused to undergo the genetic exam are watched even more closely by the staff of CETI.

How to these children, generally very small, come into the hands of these fake parents? "They tell us that they found them on the way to Melilla; that they were abandoned and they collected them," indicates Montero. “We don't know the truth nor do we know where the biological parents are," he continues. "There's a lot to investigate," he declares. It is believed they may have been robbed, "hired" or kidnapped.

Entering Melilla with a minor until now has been a guarantee of making the jump to the peninsula quickly - the average stay in CETI is one year - and even of not being expelled from Spain. "It was almost a passport," comments one police inspector who asks for his name not to be published.

"The phenomenon started in 2008 when the boats of sub-Saharans started to arrive. At first it was women alone, then pregnant and finally with children," recalls Milagros Núñez. Man also appear, supposedly the fathers of these children.

...During these years, dozens, perhaps hundreds, of children and the adults who accompany them have been victims of mafia networks which originally were Nigerian, but now they are also Cameroonian, Congolese, Guinean, etc.

In the first six months of the year, the Red Cross has identified 27 minors - one in every five - and 44 women - one in every six - who arrived irregularly in Spain by sea and may be have been the victims of trafficking.
Source: El País

Recall the incident a few months ago when some of the Africans threatened to throw "their" babies into the sea when the Spanish coast guard approached and tried to intercept them.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Recently I posted about the urban chaos that broke out in France when the Algerian football team qualified for the World Cup. This wasn't just good-hearted rowdiness. Police were attacked. Cars were burned. Traffic and transport was massively disrupted. There were also several deaths in Algeria itself.

Here we have another example. Happy Algerians make their way through the Paris metro. Towards the end, you hear them chant "Oussama ben Laden!!! Allahu Akbar!!" several times.

The magical night in the Stade de France has not effaced everything Despite their heroic qualification for the Brazilian World Cup, the Blues still have a long way to go to reconquer the hearts of their compatriots.

79% of French people still have a negative opinion of the Blues, compared to 82% on 13 October in our last poll on the subject.
Source: Le Parisien

A look at the photograph is enough to tell us why. There are almost no French people in the team. It is an African team. Multicultists are quick to demand privileged access for non-Europeans to positions and professions they deem to be specially significant, such as the police, the judiciary, the political class, etc. We need a [insert professional class here] that looks like [insert country here]. But no such demands are heard in relation to sport. If negroes cannot "relate" to law enforcement unless enough law enforcement operatives are negroes themselves, why is the fact that many "European" sports teams not considered important? Why does the disenchantment of non-Europeans matter but the disenchantment of Europeans doesn't? Because anti-Europeanism is the dominant ideology of the world.

We are programmed by nature to empathise instinctively with those who are genetically like us. And support for our sports teams is one, fairly trivial, expression of that ineradicable instinct.

People with in immigrant background have an above-average rate of unemployment in Germany. Based on the current data from the Federal Employment Agency, last June 36 per cent of the unemployed had immigrant roots. They are thus significantly overrepresented among those without a job as, according to the Federal Statistics Office, their share of the overall population is only 20 per cent.
Source: FAZ

I've written twice before (here and here) about the pressure applied to the Lycée Voltaire school in Doha, Qatar. But an article in the latest edition of Valeurs Actuelles (doesn't seem to be on their website) offers a bit more detail of exactly what went on.

The former headmaster of the Lycée Voltaire in Doha, a Franco-Qatari institution, Jean-Pierre Brosee, has decided to return to France, tired of enduring the pressures applies to him because of the content of his teaching.

...Inaugurated in 2008 by Nicolas Sarkozy and the future emir of Qatar, the school experienced the start of a polemic two years later with the complaints of certain Qatari parents about photos showing Greek statuary in history. "Impossible to study," comments Jean-Pierre Brosse: Qatari culture bans the nudity of ancient statues. Also in dispute were the photos of churches, abbeys, cathedrals: "Because it's a reference to the Christian religion. The children must not know that there exists any other religion than Islam before the age of 18." Jean-Pierre Brosse was risking up to ten years in prison: "The worst thing would have been to accept... We're sliding very softly until we end up as a Koran school which would have the flag of the Mission Francaise planted on its roof. It's unacceptable."
Source: Valeurs Actuelles

Friday, 22 November 2013

Not much is being said about the identity of the two people arrested for suspected enslavement. Probably because they're third-worlders and it's against journalistic PC code to reveal that. Note this information in the Guardian, though. They are believed to have committed "immigration offences".
The police are not investigating the women being trafficked. But the suspects are believed to have committed immigration offences.
Source: Guardian

The eldest victim was from Malaysia, an Islamic country. The Guardian says she "joined the suspects at their home more than 30 years ago", implying it might have been voluntary, at least initially, as you might expect if they were from the same country.


More on this.
The suspects, both 67, are of Indian and Tanzanian origin and came to the UK in the 1960s, police said. They have been released on bail to a date in January.
Source: Guardian

They shared a "political ideology".
Two of the three women allegedly held for 30 years as slaves had lived in a political collective with their captors, police have disclosed.

Metropolitan police commander Steve Rodhouse told reporters that two of the alleged victims met the male suspect in London through a shared political ideology and began living together in a "collective".

They lived in a colonised area where no one spoke to one another.
Meanwhile, as officers stood guard on Saturday at the three-storey block in Stockwell, neighbours spoke of their shock. One local resident, Abdul Rogers, said many people living in the area did not speak to each other. "It's really shocking," he said. "It's a kind of quiet area. I don't even know my next-door neighbour. If I met them on the street now I would not be able to tell it was my next-door neighbour, which is not good for community cohesion. Nobody speaks to each other."

When police finally apprehended Dekhar on Wednesday they found a number of undated letters on the car seat next to him in which he attempted to justify his actions, Molins said at a press conference on Thursday.

The letters denounce capitalism and speak of "a plot aimed at the return of fascism in the media, in banks, in the policy on suburbs", Molins stated.

Dekhar also accused journalists "of being paid to feed lies to citizens" and slammed, what he called, the "dehumanisation" of people living in the France’s often troubled public housing districts.

Molins significantly said that the letters, “merit being shown to a psychiatrist".
Source: France24

I've seen no explicit mention of Islamic ideology having influenced the shooter. Even if that was only a background factor, in his concerns for people in the "banlieues" we see that differential sense of empathy that genetic relatedness inspires. In mono-ethnic societies, this sense of empathy is the strongest factor holding a society together; in multi-ethnic societies, it is the strongest factor tearing it apart.

Multi-ethnic societies inevitably give rise to crimes like this. Without the empathic bond that comes from genetic affinity, the threshold for inflicting even atrocious harm on other people is lowered dramatically.
Noticing the victim, a fireman from Lougnon emergency centre didn't hesitate. He borrowed a ladder, put his boots on and plunged into the river.

"There was lots of current and frozen water. He succeeded in reaching the victim who was trying to cling to a bit of wood so she wouldn't sink," declares an officer in the fire service. And even before the arrival of the dinghy and the divers, the fireman succeeded in pulling the victim, a 67-year-old-woman, to the bank. In a state of hypothermia, very shocked, the woman was taken to the emergency department of Purpan hospital.

The woman got better here and she was able to be interviewed by investigators from the department of safety. Her story sends a chill down the spine. Her forced bath is said to have been linked to an attack. An individual is said to have asked her for a light, then returned a few minutes later with a "friend" to ask for cigarettes. Unable to satisfy them, the two men then became irritated and threw her into the Garonne!

UPDATE: Apparently, they were laughing when they pushed her into the river. And she didn't know how to swim. Still no description of the suspects. How strange.
Several bottles of burning alcohol were thrown at a police station in the norther districts of Marseilles tonight, causing "relatively light" damage, according to a source close to the inquiry.

The public building, headquarters of the police in the 3rd arrondissement of the town, is located in one of the most sensitive urban areas in Marseilles, the Felix-Pyat estate, at the heart of the zone de sécurité prioritaire (ZSP) [Priority Safety Zone] of the northern districts.

At 11 pm here, seven molotov cocktails as well as rocks struck the police building that shelters several Public Safety units, causing uproar among the staff present. "It's probably the arrest in the afternoon of two inhabitants of the estate that provoked the anger of the 'jeunes'."

Numerous patrols that were carried out in the night around "Fort Chabrol", the local nickname for the police station, did not allow any arrests to be made. The investigators must now look at CCTV recordings to try and identify the perpetrators of this attack.

The building is regularly the target of malevolent acts; in July 2009 a grenade was thrown against its railings. Six police vehicles were damaged and numerous impacts were discovered even including on the picture window of the nursery school that adjoins the police station.

"Throwing molotov cocktails at a police station is a serious act and should not be treated as something banal," said the deputy area delegate of the Alliance trade union this morning. "Already on Thursday afternoon, there were scuffles with the forces of order and some of our colleagues were injured. Obviously some petits caïds ["little bosses", the word caïd is of Algerian origin] do not accept that the services of the state do their work in this much degraded housing estate," said the local official.
Source: Le Figaro
Thursday, 21 November 2013

In Saarland's Homburg, a decision has very consciously been made to rename this year's "Christmas bazaar" in the child centre of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) [Workers' Welfare Association] in Birkensiedland. But it has little to do with the fact that the pre-Christmas festival takes place on the afternoon of the 23 November, just before the Sunday of the Dead [last Sunday before Advent, in which the dead are commemorated]. Rather, the "Market of Colourful Diversity" is to be understood as a very deliberate contribution to multiculturalism. "Our idea with this is to pay respect, especially to the children from Muslim families," explains the nursery director Ulrike Agne-Stutzenberger when asked about the decision by JUNGE FREIHEIT. Sixty per cent of the around 180 small children come, to quote, "from over 20 nations".

However the suggestion to sacrifice the Advent festival with the oriental name "Bazaar" did not come from the parents of the children, but followed instructions from the nursery operator's AWO [Workers' Welfare Association], Agne-Stutzenberger admits. As one of their "Annual objectives 2013", all AWO nurseries were tasked with "going very much on the offensive to strength the Willkommenskultur [Welcoming Culture]".
Source: Junge Freiheit

"Willkommenskultur" is one of the buzzwords German politicians invoke to tell the victimised indigenes that they must adapt their ways to the invading colonist populations.

The Algerian euphoria was difficult to control. Four Algerians died on Tuesday evening after the national team qualified for the next World Cup in Brazil. The Official Press Agency (OPS) indicated that around 20 other people were injured in traffic accidents that occurred in the city of Tolga in the south-east of the country when jubilant supporters took to the country's roads.
Source: Huffpostmaghreb

The magazine Valeurs Actuelles has obtained a secret Ministry of Interior report on organised crime in France. Some extracts from it are published in its latest edition.

In France, most importation and sale of narcotics is done by criminal groups from the sensitive urban areas, whose members, often entire clans, have ethnolinguistic ties with the Moroccan producers, facilitating the commercial transactions and investments (laundering) in Morocco and in other countries in North Africa.
Source: Valeurs Actuelles

These invaders were on their way to Melilla, one of the Spanish exclaves in Africa, two nights ago. They were stopped before they got the chance to rush the fence.

Recently, the Spanish government set razor blades on these fences to deter fence-jump attempts. The Director of Public Prosecutions has ordered an investigation into this, however, saying it may be illegal. All opposition parties have also demanded the removal of the razor blades.
Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I was virtually the only one who suggested it might be a Muslim. And look at the abuse I got in this thread for it: people calling me a hatemonger, etc.

Note that they put out perp descriptions saying he was "of European type".

Source: Le Figaro

It seems the background to this involves a tiny far-left group which engaged in some robberies and shootings. But it's complicated.

The man, named as Abdelhakim Dekhar, was sentenced to four years in jail in 1998 for his role in a "Bonnie-and-Clyde" style murder spree that gripped France in the 1990s.

Dekhar, 49, had tried to kill himself before being arrested, police said.

He was detained on Wednesday after a major manhunt following a shooting at the offices of left-wing newspaper Libération, which left a photographer’s assistant in a critical condition, and a subsequent shooting in the business district of La Defense.

Valls praised Dekhar's arrest, saying that "all the evidence today points to his involvement in the events that he has been charged with".

Dekhar was convicted in 1998 of buying a gun used in the 1994 shooting attacks by student Florence Rey and her lover Audry Maupin, in which three police officers and a taxi driver were killed. Dekhar claimed at the time that he had been hired by the Algerian secret services to infiltrate the French far-left, which Rey and Maupin were involved with.
Source: France24

A "rather long" and "delirious" letter from the presumed shooter, arrested on Wednesday evening, has been found by the investigators. It is well written in the hand of Abdelhakim Dekhar, today aged 49. According to our information, in this text he discusses Libya, Syria, and more generally the current situation in the Arab world.

Having looking into a few historical episodes in which people were accused of being motivated by antisemitism, it's clear to me that the people were so accused were in fact responding in an understandable, if not always excusable, way to Jewish actions, rather than being driven by some ancient, irrational hatred. So I intend to review the whole history of so-called antisemitism to see if other episodes, too, were not quite as advertised, and if something other than motiveless evil could have been at work.

Reading the book "A Convenient Hatred: the History of Antisemitism", I was struck by a quote from the Roman emperor Claudius. It relates to a dispute in the city of Alexandria that had broken out between the Jews there, the Greek community, and the Egyptians. The Jews were accused of disloyalty to Rome. They refused to let statues of the emperor be placed in their temples. As a result, their religious privileges were withdrawn. This culminated in fighting which reached almost the scale of all-out war.

The emperor Claudius tried to settle the matter by rendering a personal judgement on it. After returning their privileges to the Jews and giving a judgement that was favourable to them on the whole, he entered this interesting caveat:
The Jews, on the other hand, I order not to aim at more than they previously had, ...and not to intrude themselves into the games presided over by the [Greeks], since they enjoy what is their own, and in a city which is not their own they possess an abundance of all good things. Nor are they to bring in or invite Jews coming from Syria or [other parts of] Egypt, or I shall be forced to conceive graver suspicions. If they disobey, I shall proceed against them in every way as seeking to spread a sort of public sickness throughout the world.
Source: A Convenient Hatred: the History of Antisemitism by Phyllis Goldstein, Harold Evans

So the emperor warned the Jews not to use immigration to try and change the composition of the population in a specific area, thus altering the balance of political power there. That has very interesting parallels with our own times. And the final phrase the emperor uses is fascinating: "as seeking to spread a sort of public sickness throughout the world". To draw such an almost mystical generalisation from what, after all, was a local dispute, seems very odd. It was as if some curious insight had been achieved.

Despite winning the recent German elections, Angela Merkel's conservative party has been unable to form a government on its own. It is therefore forced to seek a coalition with parties of the Left. In its coalition talks, the Socialist SPD has insisted on one issue above all: dual citizenship for people of immigrant origin. In practice this means Turks. Across Europe, the parties of the left have now allied themselves unambiguously with the immigrant horde against the indigenous peoples of Europe. Every time they gain any influence in government, the first thing they push for is some favour to the aliens, whether it be votes for foreigners, looser immigration rules or dual citizenship.
For the first time in Germany, politicians seem close to a deal that would extend the right to dual citizenship to children of immigrants and naturalized Germans. The national identity of thousands of young people hangs in the balance.

The subject of dual citizenship has long been a political flashpoint in Germany. In recent years, calls have mounted from the left for the country to overturn its prohibitive approach and make it easier for people to hold two passports. Yet heavy opposition, including from Chancellor Angela Merkel, kept it from becoming a reality.

But now, as the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Merkel's conservatives draw nearer to an official coalition agreement, new dual citizenship legislation is looking increasingly possible.
As things currently stand, a child born in Germany to immigrant parents is allowed to hold both nationalities only until the age of 23. At that point, he or she is forced to choose between German citizenship or that of the parents' country of origin. Anyone who misses the deadline has the German citizenship revoked by default. Other immigrants to Germany can be naturalized after eight years of residence, but only if they give up their original nationality.

The Social Democrats want to repeal that rule, and they've made the right to dual citizenship one of their "non-negotiable demands" in official talks toward a so-called grand coalition government, which is expected to be in place by Christmas. If they are successful, it would affect not only the millions of Germans born to foreign parents, but also any resident of Germany who qualifies for naturalization.

The negotiation working group assigned to immigration has been unable to come up with a compromise, so the topic has now moved up to the big round of negotiations. An SPD spokesman told SPIEGEL ONLINE on Thursday that dual citizenship remains a "very important issue" for the party and that he is hopeful a deal will be pushed through.

Time for Change

The topic became increasingly pressing as of January 2013. Children of immigrants turning 23 this year will be the first batch of German-born citizens forced to make the choice. "As of this year, thousands of young people could lose their German citizenship," says Mehmet Tanriverdi, head of the National Federation of Immigrant Associations in Germany.

Critics of the current system, known as the "option model" complain that it marginalizes those of foreign descent and sends a message that integration is a zero-sum game -- and that it imposes a heavy administrative burden. If the system is upheld, roughly 40,000 young people per year will eventually be forced to choose between nationalities. And giving up one's foreign nationality can create unforeseen difficulties, as well. Children of Russian immigrants who have been naturalized in Germany, for instance, have to apply for expensive visas to visit their grandparents.

The option model was introduced in 2000, when it was seen as a compromise between the center-left coalition government of Social Democrats and Greens and the opposition conservatives. Already many exceptions apply: Moroccans, Syrians, Iranians, Algerians, as well as all EU citizens, are exempt from the need to choose between their nationalities. But to Germany's three million people of Turkish descent, a third of whom were born in Germany, reforming the current law would be a very welcome development.

"In the scientific community, we speak of hybrid identity," says Christine Langenfeld, head of the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration (SVR). "Young people from migrant families identify with both Germany and their parents' culture. For them it's the best of both worlds. The option model forces the second generation to renounce their parent's nationality. This is counterproductive for integration."

Conservatives Turn Corner

On no other issue have the conservatives reversed course more than on that of dual citizenship. During the campaign leading up to national elections in September, the conservative parties' tagline on the topic was "Yes to our country."

"My personal conviction is that we want to stick to the option model, whereby a decision on citizenship is necessary at age 23," Merkel said at an integration summit in May. Experience shows, she added, "that the overwhelming majority choose German citizenship."

But the tide began to turn this year, as many Germans reassessed immigration as a way to combat its aging population and shortage of skilled workers. In May, a Bertelsmann Stiftung study showed that more than 40 percent of newcomers have graduated from a university, technical school or graduate program, a higher share than among the German population at large.

Now even Horst Seehofer of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to Merkel's center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has questioned the logic of forcing 23-year-olds to go through the "ordeal" of choosing between citizenships.

The conservatives have suggested several compromises, including raising the age in which the option obligation kicks in to 30 and introducing the concept of "dormant citizenship," whereby a person can hold dual citizenship, but his or her country of residence would determine which of the two nationalities is active. But an SPD spokesman told SPIEGEL ONLINE on Thursday that the party will accept nothing less than a full revocation of the option model and that the "dormant citizenship" proposal is unworkable and now "completely off the table."

Resistance from the Right

Despite these proposed compromises, there remains trenchant resistance from the conservative ranks. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, a CSU member who is a notorious hardliner on immigration issues, said the Social Democrats' proposal threatens Germany's very integrity. If a "permanent Turkish minority" were permitted to establish itself in the country, he told the daily Münchener Merkur last week, it would mean a "long-term change in the identity of German society."

Ayse Demir, deputy chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD), called Friedrich's statements "extremely discriminatory." Such a statement sends a signal to Germany's largest migrant group that they are not welcome here, Demir told SPIEGEL ONLINE. He also pointed out that the many exceptions made to the current rule make Friedrich's statement seem even more off-base, "because we've actually had dual citizenship in Germany for years."
Some observers worry that dual citizenship could be sacrificed at the negotiation table for an even higher-priority SPD demand, such as a national minimum wage. Nevertheless, consensus is building that the current system doesn't work.

"The option model is alienating young people instead of making them feel a part of our society," says Dr. Christine Langenfeld of the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration, which has proposed a system that would grant dual citizenship to second-generation immigrants but not automatically to their successive offspring. "The option model is the result of a dysfunctional political compromise more than ten years ago, and it is high time to repeal it."
Source: Der Spiegel

The Turkish government has expressed its "impatience" with these talks, insisting that dual citizenship is a "human right". It has also introduced a measure intended to provide de facto dual citizenship by sleight of hand: the blue card.
But even without a Turkish passport federal citizens [of Germany] do not need to waive all rights in Turkey. They can apply for a so-called blue card (Mavi Kart), that is recognised by the Turkish authorities as personal ID. With the blue card a German of Turkish origin acquires an ID number in Turkey, which is indispensable for many areas of public life - from buying a car to official procedures and personal loans. In addition, when choosing a residence or job, in inheritance matters and when purchasing property, they will have the same rights as "normal" Turkish citizens. The blue card does not allow them to vote or become civil servants however.

According to media reports, around 600,000 Germans of Turkish origin possess a blue card.
Source: Via: EuropeNews

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