Tuesday, 23 July 2013

An IGPN (police of the police) inquiry has been set in motion by the minister of the Interior in order to identify the authors of racist remarks posted after the incidents in Trappes on a Facebook page dedicated to the police, Place Beauvau [tn: Interior Ministry] announced today.

After the urban violence that struck the town of Trappes following a check on a woman wearing a burka, comments "with violent and sometimes racist content" were posted on the Facebook forum titled "Forum police-info.com", according to a source close to the case.

The authors of these posts on this forum, which says it is an "unofficial" forum of the national and municipal police, present themselves as police officers or sympathisers.

...In addition, the site Copwatch Nord-Ile-de-France, via Indymedia, says it had access to this forum and managed to identify the authors of some of these remarks, police officers whose names, photos and departments it reveals.
Source: Le Figaro

Here are a few of the screen captures, which can be seen here.
The hunt is on; it's time to do a good cleaning :)
I spent the night here in Trappes with colleagues. On the menu: Molotov cocktails, mortars, stone throwing... Poor France, Vive le bleu marine!!!! [tn: Le Bleu Marine is a Front National slogan referring to Marine Le Pen]


Anonymous said...

It seems that reality is dawning with a thud in the minds of most decent, hardworking French and other European police: no matter how accommodating and acquiescent they are, neither the Moslems, nor the politicians (and the senior police who are probably most concerned with their pensions) will ever support them and will do all they can to scupper any signs amongst the police that their job is now impossible. The 'elites' will hunt them down if they dare to speak up, will imprison them or at the very least, deprive them of employment. These police forums in other countries have also reflected the exasperation, fears and correct assessment of the aliens in their midst; one can only hope that if some police are forced out of their positions, that they will impart their knowledge, skills and tactics to their fellow citizens, to help protect themselves and turn the tide.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those two comments you've circled, CZ (I presume these are two police who may be facing disciplinary charges?), I think the authorities would be stretching their rules to breaking point if these are the grounds. Firstly, police often note if a particular area is especially crime-filled and of the need to isolate, if possible, the criminals; although in tightly-packed urban areas this is highly problematic because of the presence of innocent residents. (This is why essential infrastructures such as electricity, gas, water, heating, street lighting, etc, are not switched off when trying to contain riots/civil unrest, because of the overall impact on all residents.) Whether it is correct, or opportune, to 'cleanse an area' of the undesirables isn't in the remit of online discussions but it hardly sounds like a call for unrestricted police action. The second person's comment involves failing to observe the duty for anyone who is in the judiciary, police or army: that their conduct and speech be impartial without political leanings (this is why his remark in support of a politician or her party is seen as breaching his code of ethics, 'devoir de reserve' and 'deontologie' as a policeman).

Anonymous said...

That is what they call racist??? UN-BE-LIEVABLE.

Anonymous said...

I lived in France for 10 yrs until recently.

Many of the guys at my gym were Gendarmes and the principle trainer was an ex CRS who was pensioned off after having his stomach slashed by a muslim.

To a man (and woman) they thoroughly disliked muslims and with just cause.

They are a blight upon the society and these guys had to deal with the scum on a daily basis.

It's a pity our politicians don't have to deal face to face. If they did they'd get their heads out of their arses.

If not soon they will get voted out..

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