Thursday, 25 July 2013

There have been a few high-profile train crashes in various western countries recently, and there has been speculation about Muslim involvement in bringing them about.

So could yesterday's Spanish train crash have been an instance of jihad terrorism?

The following indications speak in favour of it:

The crash occurred close to Santiago de Compostela, a famous site of Christian pilgrimage.

Santiago (Saint James) is the patron saint of Spain, also known as Matamoros, the Moorslayer. During the wars of the Reconquista, it was widely believed Saint James had appeared on a white horse to offer aid to the Christian armies on more than one occasion. It is easy to see why jihadists would regard anything related to Saint James as a particularly tempting target.

The crash occurred just the before Saint James' feast day, which is also the day of the region's largest festival. It's been noted before that Muslim malevolence steps up during periods when non-Muslim celebrations are being held: Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.

Some witnesses say they heard a huge explosion during the derailment. One witness I saw on television said it was "like a bomb".

The area where the incident occurred is readily accessible.

The following indications speak against jihad terrorism, however:

Some reports say the train was travelling at almost 200 km/h on a stretch of track (a curve) where the maximum speed should have been only 80 km/h. The driver may even have admitted to this.

According to El Mundo, "the authorities rule out the possibility that it could be an attack". It's not clear why they have done this, however, and in the case of French train crash, the French authorities unquestionably went out of their way to dishonestly deny Muslim involvement (in the looting).

In images of the scene, the railway tracks appear to be fully intact, ruling out the possibility that they were destroyed or damaged by terrorist action.

Regardless, it's interesting to note the locals' contrasting responses to a train crash when it occurs in a Muslim-colonised area compared to somewhere still populated by Europeans. While the Muslims looted the dead and the living and attacked the emergency services in France, local people in Spain brought food and blankets to help the injured, smashed the windows of the train to help evacuate them and used their cars to provide illumination for the rescue workers with their headlights.

UPDATE: Spanish television is now showing footage of the train crash taken by a security camera. There does seem to be a big flash of light just before the train derails.

The driver had previously said [on the radio], before the accident, that he was going very quickly, at 190 km/h; afterwards he spoke of 200. Finally, entering the curve, he again said: "I'm going at 190!", sources within the investigation explained to EL PAÍS.
Source: EL PAÍS

EL PAÍS also says this was the first curve since the train left Madrid, after 80 km of straight line track. That makes the hypothesis of a bomb on the train itself seem less plausible, since it would then be an extraordinary coincidence in timing, unless the presumed terrorist was observing the train in real-time and could control the detonation, which seems unlikely.


Anonymous said...

It is also Ramadan. They kill each other in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, so why not in Spain. We have to get used to the idea that we're at war.

Maria José said...

Accidente de Santiago: «Que la velocidad fuera mayor de la permitida no significa que tuviera que descarrilar»

Expertos consultados por ABC explican que el tren Alvia 730 utiliza dos sistemas de seguridad distintos con una serie de protocolos, de manera que si el conductor incumple uno, el tren se detiene automáticamente

En el fallo de este sistema podría estar la clave del accidente, a pesar del posible exceso de velocidad o las características de la curva donde el tren descarriló

En la Ultima Hora de el Pais:
"El presidente del Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, José Antonio Santamera, ha afirmado que "casi" descarta el "fallo humano" como causa del trágico accidente de tren registrado en Santiago de Compostela."

Maria José said...


Colegio de Ingenieros "casi" descarta "fallo humano" ya que el sistema de seguridad se hubiera activado

"puede que el sistema de seguridad haya sido el que haya fallado" o puede que haya habido un "fallo en una rueda del ferrocarril o en una traviesa"

Anonymous said...

The flash of light is just the catenaries shorting out when the train derails. These trains are electric and run on around 15,000-30,000 V. Shorting out the overhead lines causes a fairly large explosion due to the high potential and large short circuit current.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust muslims. Their god is a demon. So they are capable of anything. No allah is not the same god as christians and jews and islam is a dangerous, demonic idealology. Wake up sheeple! Look around before it's too late!!

Anonymous said...

Islam, Nazis, sister cults, same symbols, same ideas, same Demons, etc. Etc. etc.....not rocket science people gesh get a brain and use it plzzzzz......

Anonymous said...

Hmm let's not get ahead of ourselves. This was probably not a Muslim attack. I'm wondering though, was the driver a Muslim?? lol

Anonymous said...

The flash was after the cars started to derail. I also first thought it was muslims but now I am not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Todo esto debe ser una tapadadera para encubrir la participacion de los musulmanes, como hacen siempre a traves de las llamadas agencias de prensa masivas y/o tradicionales, o como hacen los llamados periodistas (pseudoperiodistas).

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