Sunday, 21 July 2013

However, the perpetrators of the violence the night before got what they wanted. The man whose liberation they were demanding was released this Saturday. According to Yvelines police headquarters, he was placed under a control order and will appear before the courts in September.

A sanction far too lenient for Thierry Mazé. "He tried to strangle a police officer, it's attempted murder! He should have been punished. If not, what's the point in trying to make people obey the law? Our colleagues in Trappes are disheartened," says the trade unionist indignantly, deploring the fact that the minimum penalties weren't applied. In other words, that the attack on a law enforcement official was not automatically punished with a heavy penalty.
Source: L'express

A Muslim interviewed on television said this:
We can't accept that a brother is detained for nothing, especially during the month of Ramadan. It's a small warning.


Anonymous said...

"We can't accept that a brother is detained for nothing, especially during the month of Ramadan. It's a small warning."

This is a blackmail, threat and extortion. So the authority chickens out and complies to the extortion. What a coward government.

Anonymous said...

Hollande won the French election with 93% of the Moslem vote. His government is enormously unpopular in the polls due to his economic/political measures. He is dependent on Moslem support. This is so in many countries (in Britain the fraudulent postal vote amongst Moslems is a determining factor as well). This situation may change very soon because, as some of us were saying years ago, the point would arrive when Moslems would decide they had enough demographic clout to form their own political parties to pose a political threat to long-established European parties. (In Britain, a key Moslem in Cameron's coalition government is on record addressing his 'umma' with the hope they'll shortly have a Moslem PM). Present govts are traitorous, not cowardly or naive, and they'll do all they can, including functioning as puppets/dhimmis of their Moslem masters. to continue in power.

Reality Check said...

Can France ignore the Muslim threat until they are dead?

Anonymous said...

Reality check isn't it obvious that that is exactly what they are doing? France has lost the battle the end! Lorna.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2007 the Head of the French Police Union first broke ranks and, speaking of the Moslem burnings of hundreds of French citizens' cars during their unholy Ramadan, called it what it was --- an 'intifada' against the French State and its citizens. I'm sure this presently enraged police union official isn't the only one who's reached certain conclusions about islam, moslems and their sharia. It is time for the police, and the army, to unite with the French people: their training and knowledge in self-defence, weaponry, strategy, urban rioting, etc would be invaluable to people who are now faced with the treason at the very centre of the French government and its system.L'heure de la justice peut-etre?

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