Sunday, 28 July 2013
One among several interesting facts stated in this report is that second-generation immigrants (born and raised in Norway by immigrant parents) are more criminal than first-generation. This contradicts many peoples' assumption that immigrants integrate more and more, the more generations they have lived in our countries (same tendency in Denmark):
"There is an over-representation for serious crimes (Hustad 2007). The distinction is visible among second-generation immigrant boys, where especially a small percentage are very criminal. Non-western immigrants are particularly over-represented when it comes to violence and sexual offenses. They are also over-represented as victims of crime, especially violence. Much of the violence that non-western immigrants are exposed to is going on within the family or social circles, and more are registered as offenders in the same period in which they are registered as victims (Hustad 2007). ...

PST (Norway's FBI) notes in its threat assessment for 2008 that politically motivated violence committed by individuals and groups motivated by extreme Islamist ideology represents a significant challenge for Norway in the coming years. Increased radicalization makes the national threat level more unpredictable. ...

There is a need for an increase of approximately 1000 full time civilian jobs within the police in 2020. Civilian jobs means all job categories in the agency outside police trained personnel. The need includes both specialists and administrative support, as well as other civilian positions such as lawyers and drivers. ... Jobs in this group will greatly raise the quality and efficiency of the investigation of all types of crime ... In addition, there is an estimated extra need for prosecution lawyers of 100 lawyers in 2020. ...
The calculation above in Section 10.2 shows FTEs need to maintain police coverage at the same level as today, ie 1.8 per police trained. 1000 inhabitants on average. The study shows that there are several trends that indicate that coverage must be increased.
The most important are:
1 The expected demographic development has several aspects that are important for crime 47: The age group 15-29 years and the immigrant population is expected to increase greatly. This means that the preventive police work must be intensified. ...
Overall, the Agency concluded that police coverage in Norway minimum must be in line with Denmark and Sweden. Although comparisons previously mentioned is difficult, this means that coverage should be increased from 1.8 to at least 2.0 per. 1000 inhabitants on average."

Source: Police in 2020 - needs for manpower and skills 


Anonymous said...

Hey I guess immigrants do create jobs after all!

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