Tuesday, 16 July 2013

An 83-year-old was attacked and robbed in an elevator.

- The man then kicked her as she lay down, says Viktor Adolphson of the Södermalm police.

It is the fourth attack against elderly women in a short time in Södermalm in Stockholm.

Within a month, four women over 80 years of age have been assaulted and robbed.

The attacks took place in different stairwells in the district of Södermalm in Stockholm - and the approaches have been similar.

The latest attack occurred on Sunday.

Police were alerted when about a 83-year-old woman was attacked in an elevator at Södermalm.

- The woman was probably stalked outside. Then he struck when she approached the stairwell, said Viktor Adolphson, field officer at Södermalm police.

The woman caught in the elevator when a man suddenly pushed past through the gate.
- She was beaten and he tore off her gold jewellery.

When the man was finished, he began to walk away, but suddenly turned around and went back to the woman.
- Then he kicked her when she was already lying down in the elevator, said Viktor Adolphson.

- Because it is a ruthless man who does not have respect for anyone else. It's such a damn ugly thing, said Viktor Adolphson.
Source: Aftonbladet

Look at the description the police issue of the attacker. Shocking political correctness.
The man is described as being 20-25 years old, about 180 centimeters tall and well groomed in dress and appearance. He should have spoken a foreign language.

So they describe his clothes and general appearance. Nowhere is his skin colour mentioned. The fact that he spoke a foreign language is included, for which I suppose we have to be pitifully grateful, but there is no mention of what the foreign language is.

The police later post a description on their Twitter feed (!).

The description here is basically the same but they have added the detail of "slender build" and "dark hair". Oh, dark hair. What about skin colour? Still no mention of that. Someone then asks them what foreign language it was: Norwegian? English? The police reply that the woman thought it was a Middle-Eastern language. Hebrew, perhaps? Aramaic?

Source: Avpixlat


Anonymous said...

‘Because it is a ruthless man who does not have respect for anyone else. It's such a damn ugly thing, said Viktor Adolphson’.
The answer of police officer Viktor Adolphson is not wholly accurate. It is right that a man (or humanoid) doing this, is a beast with no human qualities. At the other hand, how many beasts are among his people? Why in the last five years had the ‘beasts’ become more aggressive toward their environment than in former years? Is it only a question of natural mutation or there are another reason? If we analyse the rapid follow up of attacks on locals in divers European countries by migrants and ‘refugees’ we come to the following conclusion: The Jihad War against the European ‘dhimmies’ has already begun. It is still on stage A. The Jihad soldiers (like the one in the Swede elevator) are limiting their activities to attacking of aged local women by assaulting them physically, group attacks on lone locals, brutal robberies, little fight against services like fire squads at work, ambulance personal and police (that is not allowed to use physically force) etc. According to nowadays situation, we are obligated to speak about THE ENEMY IN WITHIN. The most terrifying of all is the attitude of the political top and mainstream media all over western and northern Europe. Instead of defending their people and their country, they are - as a matter of fact - the modern fifth colon. They are aiding the enemy actively by a) importing a whole tsunami of new Jihad soldiers from the third world into Europe, b) letting countries with potential danger into the EU, and c) depicting every one who is alarming against the danger as racist, fascist, Neo Nazi and the like.

Anonymous said...

So the police is trying to cover up the attacker by hiding his skin color. That makes the police an accomplice of the crime and it is a crime too.

Anonymous said...

Social engineering that is destroying European people.They say these third worlders will be the majority in 35 years,what then for old Europeans,gas chambers?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you elected those politicians who let this rubbish into your country... Now, stick it!
(Although I feel sorry for the old lady...)

Anonymous said...

Gog & Magog spread across the face of the earth {google Chirac Bush Gog & magog} the end time scenario. Now George Bush i concede is a buffoon so i suspect somebody told him the following Daniel 12 "set up" is 625B.C. neo/babylonian empire + 1260 {time times etc} = 636 and the battle of Yarmouk river {add 1 to account for 0 B.C. to A.D.} and the takeover of the Holy land by Islam {666 year of Roman empire}
Part 2 -625 + 1290 = 666 add the remaining 1335 = 2001 so Islam {jihad} 666 and 2001 9/11 New York ? prove it ?
mans No is 6 begin with 6+ Osama Bin Laden the following needs no 6 prefix New York A=6 B=12 etc Y=150 Z=156 calculate the name
beyond coincidence

Anonymous said...

Daniel 11:31 Anno Domini 688 The Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine construction work on the Temple Mount was commenced
Revelation 12:6 Anno Domini 688 + 1260 years = Anno Domini 1948 Jewish national homeland in Palestine re-established
Revelation 11:2 Anno Domini 688 + 1279 years = Anno Domini 1967 The Arab-Israeli June Six-Day Lightning War erupted
Daniel 12:11 Anno Domini 688 + 1290 years = Anno Domini 1978 The Egypt-Israel Camp David Peace Accords being signed
Daniel 12:12,13 Anno Domini 688 + 1335 years = Anno Domini 2023 The End of the World and the Universe being awaited

Please Note: 1 day = 1 year (Numbers 14:34, Ezechiel 4:6); 42 months = 1279 days (Julian year = 365.5 days)

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