Monday, 22 July 2013
The ARRahman mosque at Boskoop last weekend discovered a pig's head. The head was deposited on Sunday in the night of Saturday.

The head was placed during the night from Saturday to Sunday and is seen within the Islamic culture as a serious form of discrimination. According to the Qur'an, pigs are unclean animals.

A police spokeswoman revealed, on Monday, that the mosque will file a complaint for insult. The VVD (Dutch Liberal Party) in Boskoop rejects the action. "The act is a deliberate action to offend people deep in their soul", said Monique Fox - Verwaijen on West Broadcasting. On Twitter there was also lots of criticism of this "racist action".


Anonymous said...

"The head was placed during the night from Saturday to Sunday and is seen within the Islamic culture as a serious form of discrimination."

Oh, boo hoo! Meanwhile, Muslims are killing, raping, beheading non-Muslims all over the world. I'd say THAT's a serious form of discrimination.

Most of the world does not care about the hurt feelings of Muslim fanatics.

Islam is just EVIL, period. Get out of it, and then we can talk like human beings.

Anonymous said...

Whoever put the pig's head in front of the mosque, I say "GOOD JOB". Muslims need to leave the Netherlands and all other democractic nations. Islam is a very deadly cult.

Anonymous said...

Anything non Islamic will offend the muslims. Liquor, cross, women clothes, eating etc.

But muslims never feel they are offending other people eventhough they attack, rape, rob other people.

Why don't kick the muslims out of Europe back to their origins so that they can kill each other there?

Anonymous said...

@anonymus 23 July 2013 08.24 h
I wholly agree with you. Everything offends Muslims what is not in the line of their “superior religion”. They feel they are the “Űbermenschen” of the planet. CEO Mohammed gave them the status of ‘gods on the Olympus’. As for the locals in Western and Northern Europe, Muslims can stuck ‘their status’ in their ass; as long as they do not bother us. But they do!. They are not only bothering us, they are hazardous every single day. As for your question : why not kick them out of Europe? Well. They have high placed benefactors in every western country. Red and Green Cultural Marxist Quislings for whom Muslims and African Niggers are more important than their own fellow man and woman. As long as people vote for the fifth colon parties, Europe does not stand a chance.

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