Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Anonymous said...

See the sign behind Murray? "Hit the new winner" Well, that's exactly what some 'fan' just did to Murray and from the front page photo in the Daily Telegraph, the hitter is definitely a member of the non-native race of Britain. The photo above is standard: when a Caucasian wins on his talents, merits, sportsmanship, he is always surrounded in photo ops by predominantly non-Caucasian races and ethnic minorities (the subliminal message to the viewer is supposed to be that everyone, regardless of race/ethnicity is 'really' part of the nation and enjoying the triumph and that national identity has nothing to do with millenia of racial and religious homogeneity). This is why sports is pushed to the forefront in media so much; it helps to dumb people down and make them unconsciously amenable to the multi-culti agenda which, as you can see from the above photo, is really about race-replacement.

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