Tuesday, 30 July 2013

There have been lots of unusual, high-fatality accidents involving trains and buses recently. And, inevitably, this has given rise to speculation that these may have been jihad attacks. Personally, I'm sceptical of this. But, in light of the speculation, I do find this Swiss news story interesting.
The latest case of a laser pointer attack in eastern Switzerland occurred on Sunday evening: at Aadorf an unknown person tried to blind the driver of the Intercity Geneva - St. Gallen train).

Following company instructions, the train driver initially protected his eyes and then brought the train to a stop. In Wil wurde he was then replaced by a colleague. "The man had to be checked in hospital," says SBB spokesman Lea Meyer. SBB – as always with laser pointer attacks - filed a complaint. Thurgau cantonal police are investigating.
Source: 20minutes.ch


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