Sunday, 28 July 2013
Up to 400,000 children have been sexually abused by family members or relatives in the past 20 years in Turkey according to official reports, Turkish daily Taraf reported yesterday.
Reports from Social Services and the Child Protection Institution, and the Children Bureaus of the Police Department have shown that the number of under-aged being sexually assaulted by a family member or someone close to the child or family lies between 350,000 and 400,000 in the last 20 years. …
Reports also showed that Turkey ranked number one in searches on sexual images of children within the 13-19 years age bracket, while Turkey tops the list in searches for the words “çocuk pornosu/child porn” on the Google search engine.”



Anonymous said...

And now you know, if you hadn't previously suspected it, why so many politicians and "journalists" are so eager to see Turkey a full-fledged member of the EU: what at present is still, amongst decent peoples regarded as an unacceptable crime and perversion, will, with the formal acceptance of an Islamic country into the EU, become a totally acceptable --- AND --- unassailable 'right' because of 'religion' and objection to it will be attacked as infringement on 'religious freedom'. Also, a significant percentage of homosexuals (in surveys undertaken by homosexual groups) have admitted to having sex with under-age children; because of the example of Mohamed, Islam will provide them with a protection that those among them who have sought to reduce the age of consent laws will find very useful (some European countries have already lowered the age of consent, undoubtedly to fit in with the growing Islamisation of Europe and with the sotto voce approval of the EU.)

Nikephoros said...

I have a tag on my Turkey,the North Korea of the Mideast blog just for sexual depravity. Despite the fake secularism meant only for external purposes, sexual deviance is rampant in Turkey.

Some of my favorite topics:
1. Turkish males misbehave amongst scantily clad female beach-goers
2. Turk-Islamic sexual hypocrisy leads to anal fixation
3. Hollow secularism: Turkish males cannot share hotel room with non married female

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