Monday, 22 July 2013
Norway has major problems with criminal asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, and now, according to figures from the Justice and Emergency Department, more than one in three inmates in Norwegian prisons are foreign nationals.

In mid-June, there were 2,425 Norwegians and 1,232 foreign nationals in Norwegian prisons - note that this relates only to citizenship and not to "New Norwegians", so the actual percentage of immigrants is almost certainly higher. The number of foreigners in prisons quadrupled in ten years and in remand prisons foreigners are even in the majority.

The unflattering list is topped by Lithuania (149), followed by Poland (105) Romania (101), Nigeria (98), Somalia (64) and Iraq (51). There are also 42 Swedish nationals, 32 Dutch, 29 Serbs and 28 Iranians.
Source: Avpixlat


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