Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A man who revealed a tattoo of a mosque being blown up during an EDL rally has been arrested after he was exposed by Sky Tyne and Wear.

Shaun Reah, 39, has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after he was pictured lifting up his T-shirt to reveal an image of a Muslim place of worship with "BOOM!" emblazoned across it.

The image, taken during a demonstration organised by the English Defence League in Birmingham on Saturday July 20, triggered a public outcry and Mr Reah has received hundreds of death threats.

When he was tracked down by Sky Tyne and Wear, Mr Reah, from South Shields, revealed he had the tattoo removed because "it upset everyone".
Reah’s solicitor Kevin Smallcombe, of Hannays Crime Solicitors, confirmed the arrest.

Mr Smallcombe, who has been involved in some the North East’s most high profile cases, told Sky Tyne and Wear: "Mr Reah is happy to fully cooperate with police in what is a case which has clearly triggered a great deal of emotion and debate."

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: "A 39-year-old man has been arrested in South Tyneside on behalf of West Midlands Police on suspicion of using words or behavior, or displaying written material with intent to stir up racial hatred."


Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of tattoos but surely he has the right to have whatever he want ON HIS OWN BODY! What next, thought crimes?

How absurd that he is arrested over a tattoo that is concealed beneath a t-shirt, yet when muslims protest on the streets of Britain waving placards calling for soldiers to be beheaded nothing is done.

We allow lunatics like Anjem Choudhry to spout his vile, evil rhetoric on the streets - and what is done? Nothing!

During Remembrance Sunday a group of Muslims burned a giant poppy during the 2-minute silence. One was arrested and charged with a £50 fine! Is this fair?

And once again this famous line is used in the report "...suspicion of using words or behavior, or displaying written material with intent to stir up racial hatred."

Since when has Islam been a race? It is getting ridiculous now, muslims claiming racism all the time and playing the victim card. Your 7th century fake ideology is NOT a race! Get over it, and get out!

Reality Check said...

That is crazy. The ideal that a tattoo is a hate crime is absurd. England is so Orwellian that Orwell could not have dreamed of this insanity.

jayd said...

What a farce the system is. So some complained. Oh well, you do know I hope that it now an offense to "hurt someone's feelings".
Wanna talk about Orwellian. This is the place alright. And
Anonymous above has forgotten perhaps those four black muslim girls some many months ago, who attacked a white girl who was doing no more than waiting for a taxi. They beat the hell out of her, attacked her boyfriend who was trying to protect her, they were caught on CCTV, they were shouting "kill the white bitch" but at court, the idiot judge let them all off scott free. Remember his insane reasoning? As muslims they were not used to drinking as they had been that night, and so acted out of character. Now had they been white girls and the victim a member of a protected group..... any guesses?

jayd said...

oh yeah, I kind of liked that tat he had, altho I'm not into those at all. Sorry he removed it just to pacify the critics on the left.

Anonymous said...

Article 61 - Lawful Rebellion. It can be invoked in Britain and those countries that used to be hers. It confers the right to rebel- to take up arms against a tyranical ruler. If ever there wad a time when it could be invoked then that time is surely now. Three is a vast difference between legal and lawful- we no longer have lawful governments- we have legal governments, many of which are comprised of foreigners who have no real attachment or loyalty to our native lands.
It is our birth right to lawfully rebel. By invoking this right we are connecting with our ancient line- no one will dare stop us.

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