Tuesday, 30 July 2013
"In 2012 and 2013, complaints of hate crimes with anti-Semitic motives almost tripled in Malmö.
And Malmö excels. So much so that when the National Council at the end of June came out with a report on hate crimes in Sweden, it was necessary to exclude Malmö from a part of the national statistics. The figures from Malmo simply affected the statistics too much.
Inside the police station on Davidshallstorg sits police chief Thomas Bull and receives notifications of hate crimes. He is the head of the anti-hate group that was created in Malmö police in autumn 2012. He has a problem: Not one of the hate crimes with anti-Semitic motives have led to a conviction."

Source: Sydsvenskan - Many report hate crimes


mony said...

the only "comfort" is that this appeasers state will soon be facing this violence directed at them, once Jews are out of Sweden.
as the Muslims in the west bank tell to Christians : " after Saturday comes Sunday.."

Maria José said...

Dinner lady axed after serving gammon to Muslim pupil

Alison Waldock, 51, made the mistake when seven-year-old Khadija Darr pointed to a gammon dish on the lunch menu and Alison put it on her plate.


Anonymous said...

'hate crime' and 'hate speech' are concepts which are, deliberately, vague, as people have come to realise, and these can, and are, used against people who speak against or voice reservations concerning other groups, ideologies or actions. In Western countries, there are sufficient laws already in place for centuries which correctly identified crime and protected freedom of speech (with the reservation that to incite violence did not have the same protection but we are saying this twisted by, for example, the OIC - Organisation of Islamic Cooperation because, when Moslems are 'offended' by 'hate speech' they are 'incited' to act violently --- in other words, the perpetrator, the Moslem, is innocent but the party supposedly using hate speech is guilty for 'inciting' civil unrest. This also makes a mockery of Western laws re libel and slander). But, in Islam, and in Judaism, are the concepts that to speak against them, or to be perceived as critical, is blasphemous, threatening to their cohesion and unacceptable. By allowing the concepts of 'hate crime' and 'hate speech' to be entered into law, we have enabled injustice under the false flag of 'tolerance.' And we have also enabled parallel systems of jurisprudence (beth din and sharia courts) and, by doing so, we risk consolidating systems which accord unequal weight or rights to one group, at the expense of another. Also, it is becoming worrying that sentencing involves applying more judicial weight where crimes are perceived to involve 'hate'; this, too, skewers the legal system. We also risk that this then extends into those bodies (police, judiciary, army) whose sworn duty is to uphold the law impartially.

parisclaims said...

The Jews at the receiving end of this very predictable escalation in violence need to look long and hard at who is (mainly) responsible for mass third world immigration and state enforced multiculturism in western countries

Maria José said...

Un vídeo pide "un castigo divino" para los policías que detuvieron a islamistas en Ceuta

Los policías detuvieron a ocho personas acusadas de presuntas prácticas terroristas yihadistas.

Lo que preocupa al delegado del Gobierno es que "siempre" se hacen esos llamamientos radicales desde la citada mezquita.


Anonymous said...

I've read the Swedish newspaper report and the headline doesn't seem to accord with the statistics quoted in it: these 'hate crimes' include spitting, taunts, insults and scrawls and these hate crimes are referred to as 'rascist,' 'anti-semitic,' 'Islamophobic' and 'homophobic.' All victim groups championed by the left. In 2012 there was a total of 242 such 'crimes' reported, of which 60 were said to have an 'anti-semitic' motive. In 2013, there were 35 'crimes' with such 'anti-semitic' motives. This is a reduction from the previous year yet it is referred to as a three-fold increase. 2010 and 2011 reported (each year separately, or added together? --- it's not clear from the article) 44 such 'anti-semitic motives. I'm not surprised to learn that these 'crimes' were not solved; unpleasant and anti-social assuredly, but hardly 'crimes' for which a police force can deploy its resources when otherwise dealing with riots, fires, destruction of property and assaults on fire/police/medical forces, as that city's hard-pressed police had had to deal with along with the usual level of crime (theft, rape, murder, etc).

One person, reporting a star of David repeatedly marked on her front door, says: "It's a shame. I like Malmo because there are so many nationalities here. That's what makes Malmo charming. I believed that everyone could fit in here, but unfortunately that appears no longer so", says Sara.

Jews support overwhelmingly, in every Westen country, increased 'immigration' from non-European, non-Christian, non-Caucasian countries and then express surprise when the results of this toxicity affect them personally. There are very real, deadly crimes being committed against the native Swedes who have inhabited their land for thousands of years as a homogenous people and are now also experiencing displacement and bias against themselves in favour of others. When the Nazis invaded Denmark, the Danes showed great heroism in helping their Jews to escape --- into Sweden, which welcomed and protected them. Perhaps Jews should repent en masse for the way they repaid such compassion by helping to inflict the Third World upon their saviours.

Anonymous said...

The city of Malmö is not representative for Sweden; as for it is not a Swedish city anymore. Officially the city is located on Swedish territory. Though, for quite a time Malmö has more in common with Timbuktu, Islamabad and Baghdad than with Scandinavian cities as Tromsø and Hammerfest. No local Swede can feel himself in Malmö at home. He is there an alien. Naturally, Jews have in Malmö bad time. They are treated there the way Muslims are used to treat them in every Arabic of Muslim country. What’s new?
One person, reporting a star of David repeatedly marked on her front door. What does she expect? Muslims Arabs and Muslim nigroes to love her? She belongs to the only folk in the world, that have guts to get even with them. They chat with them through the barrel of a gun; and shoot their balls off when they get nasty.
Her lamenting is disgusting: 'It’s a shame. I like Malmö because thee are so many nationalities here. That’s what makes Malmö so charming!!!'. How politic correct can someone be? Well Sara is wrong. There is no charm in living in a multicultural zoo.

Anonymous said...

Diversity is an equal mix of each group. But there are those who want only to dominate and control. So it is with the Muslims. The liberals who allowed this cannot undo what they've done. Malmo is Muslim. Is Sweden next?

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