Wednesday, 31 July 2013
"I am shocked that not everyone was shocked tonight," said Pastor Renate Muckelberg, referring to scenes the police and fire brigade had to experience: almost exuberant youths going wild on the relaxed raging youths on the Sperberhorst, malicious calls and young provocative thugs tearing past on bikes; mobile phones were filming everywhere.
Source: Via: PI


Maria José said...

‘I’m going to break every white bone in your white face’: Asian footballer jailed after racist tirade against match referee

Wasar Ahmed launched the attack at referee Ian Fraser in Burnley

He threatened to burn down Mr Fraser's house and kill his family

Asger Nord said...

Each such event brings us closer to the point when we see the darwinistic realities of this world. All tribes incl the european ones must tend to their areas, if they want a place they can call their home. For the time being we believe that all can be solved by agreements and signatures. Realities show they can't. None of us like to fight physically, but it is coming closer every day. And for every day elapsed, it will be more difficult to win.

Oscar said...

Well said Asger, every day we delay, the more complicated and the more pain and blood we will see in the future.

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