Friday, 26 July 2013

The Guardian's account of the Muslim riots in Trappes gives an account of the initial burka-check incident that sparked the rioting which utterly fails to mention the attack on the police by the woman's husband.
In many ways, the arrest in Trappes was routine from the point of view of both the police and the young woman concerned. But it took a bad turn: the young woman and her husband were taken to the station, the Trappes commissioner refused to register the complaint made by the young woman's mother, who was witness to the arrest, and civil unrest erupted over the course of that Friday, followed by numerous further arrests.
Source: Guardian
"It took a bad turn" is a Guardian euphemism for a Muslim attacking and trying to murder a police officer. Staggering dishonesty. Not surprising, perhaps, as it's written by Valérie Amiraux and one Marwan Mohammed.

It's worth correcting one of the figures cited in the article too.
The trigger for the riots in the Parisian suburb of Trappes last weekend was a relatively ordinary one: the local police stopped a young woman for wearing the full veil in public. Ordinary, that is, since the inception, in April 2011, of Law 2010-1192 of 11 October 2010 prohibiting the concealment of the face in public space, according to which the wearing of this type of garment can lead to a fine of €150 (£129) and a "community rehabilitation programme" in the form of mandatory citizenship classes. Over the course of two years, the police have issued 705 citations.

The Guardian article implies that these 705 citations were for wearing burkas. But that's not true. Here's a quote from an article in Le Figaro that appeared not long ago.
We estimate at around 700 the number of people checked in applying this text [the law that bans face masks]: 200 relate to individuals wearing masks and 500 to women wearing burkas.
Spurce: Le Figaro

So actually only 500 of the 700 checks relate to women wearing burkas because other types of mask are also banned. And, as it says later in the article, some of these 500 apply to the same repeat offenders. For example, there is a woman in Nice who has been stopped 29 times.

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Anonymous said...

The Guardian lost 40% of its print readership in 2012, and the Telegraph, 12%. Two major dailies, supposedly representing the two opposing sides of the political spectrum, liberal and conservative, and both experiencing the loss of readers who are no longer willing to pay for such propaganda. There is hope for the truth and it lies in the internet and beyond that, in the determination of people not to be silenced, to do their own investigations, pull themselves out of the straitjackets of imposed speech and thought and challenge these far too well-paid servants of the State masquerading as independent journalists. Both these papers are now dependent largely on their online editions, yet both censor them flagrantly to suit their agenda; the most potent public response is to vote with your wallets and desert them.

Maria José said...

Detenido un joven marroquí acusado de azotar a su hermana por ser muy occidental

Los Mossos d'Esquadra han detenido a un joven marroquí al que acusan de haber azotado a su hermana de 14 años por considerarla demasiado occidental, ha explicado a Efe el alcalde de Vilella Baja, Jordi Sabaté, municipio donde reside la familia.

Anonymous said...

7 dead, 41 hurt in Cagayan de Oro blast(Limketkaishopping maLL arcade), PhiLLippines.

Frau Katze said...

Never trust The Guardian.

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