Wednesday, 31 July 2013
The Islam-critical author Zahid Khan apparently shot and injured a man on Tuesday night in a parking place in a forest in Dietzenbach. Khan's wife, and his lawyer, accuse the other parties of attacking him with the intent to kill him.

According to information from the police, shortly before midnight, during a confrontation in a piece of forest ground between Rodgau and Dietzenbach (Offenbach), a 56-year-old man from Rodgau shot a 36-year-old man in the leg. The injured man is said to have arrived in a hospital, the other man fled. The shooter, who holds a weapons permit, called the police himself.

Khan's wife and lawyer confirmed to hr-online that he was the shooter. According to his wife, he was attacked by two men as he was going on a night-time walk with two companions. The attackers suddenly attacked her husband without warning and with a "deliberate intention to kill", she said. He then defended himself. "He acted in self-defence," according to Khan's wife.

The suspected attackers are said to have been armed with knives. Khan's wife did not want to speculate about the possible motives of the attackers. Previously, there had been constant anonymous threats against her husband, for example on the answering machine, she said.

Khan, who was born in Pakistan, is considered a strong critic of Islam. With books such as "Die Verbrechen des Propheten Mohammed" [The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed] he has repeatedly provoked the rage of many faithful Muslims. At the end of June in Offenbach a demonstration Khan held called "Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland" [Islam does not belong in Germany] had to be broken off prematurely when counter-demonstrators tried to climb over the fence and attack the 56-year-old.

Whether the night-time attack was connected to Khan's activities is unclear. A police spokesman said the injured person was known to the authorities because of several drug-related crimes and assault offences. The extent to which this is connected to the incident remains to be clarified.
Source: hr-online Via: PI

Note the written story says nothing about the weapons the attackers used, but there is a brief video clip on the same site that says they used "knives and cudgels".

See the Muslim mob attempting to attack Zahid Khan at the public event he held here.


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