Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Although the demonstration of the self-published Rodgau author, Zahid Khan ("The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed", the 56-year-old sees the work of Satan in Islam), who regards himself as a "Saviour", attracted almost no support, it did attract 150 counterdemonstrators. The police knew about the planned, but not approved, counter-demonstration and were prepared for the meeting of two sides who have few equals in their fanaticism. "We knew that Mr Khan had an especially bitter opponent," reports team leader Georg Grebner. "We identified him at 1.30 pm and expelled him from Offenbach."

Khan speaks via loudspeaker, hidden behind gratings. But they don't protect him from being spat on and having coins thrown at him. "He couldn't get his theories out," says Grebner. The opposition was too loud. The situation escalates as a bottle of water is thrown at the speaker and opponents try to climb over the fence. As the police could no longer guarantee his safety, they declared the appearance over and took Khan, who had already been threatened with death, away from the event.

Although there were protests, the group withdrew without further incidents. There were neither injuries nor damage in the end but seven arrests for offences including attempted assault, resistance to lawful authority, insults and the displaying of Nazi symbols. In November 2011, Muslims demonstrated against Zahid Khan and his book "The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed" in Seligenstadt.
Source: op-online.de Via: Euronews

Be sure and watch the videos. The third one shows the attack. Click on the tag "Zahid Khan" below to see previous stories about this man and his book.

Here is a video related to this event:

Khan's book is available in English here, and in ebook form as a PDF here and in epub format here. In another book, the author talks about his supposed conversations with "God, heavenly beings and Satan" so his beliefs are clearly somewhat unusual, to say the least. Nonetheless, in Europe people should have the freedom to expound wacko beliefs without facing physical threat from Mohammedans. The author is of Paki origin.


Sean said...

What is with German Nazis and their book bans??

Anonymous said...

"In another book, the author talks about his supposed conversations with 'God, heavenly beings and Satan' so his beliefs are clearly somewhat unusual, to say the least."

How so? Two billion Christians also believe in God, heavenly beings and Satan, as do 1.5 billion Muslims. Wacky though these beliefs may be, they are not unusual at all.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's unusual to believe you have had personal conversations with God, angels, Satan, etc.

Anonymous said...

Odd coincidence though via Daniel 12 , 6 being the number of man {created on 6 day} so begin with this No 6+Osama Bin Laden 6+Adolf Hitler {English the lingua franca of today] A=6 B=12 C=18 etc Y=150 Z=156 calculate the name ! The following needs no 6 prefix New York
Given St John's definition of antichrist and the Mohammedan inscription in the al aqsa mosque i guess that would make islam the final antichrist ,

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