Saturday, 13 July 2013

This train crash has been extensively reported by the mainstream media. Less widely reported is the fact that "jeunes", French journalist code for Muslims, attacked the rescue workers and looted the corpses of the victims.
It's an incredible scene that met police officers when they arrived in Brétigny-sur-Orge. While they were trying to bring help to the victims of the derailment of the Paris-Limoges train, in which at least six people died, they had to deal with stones being thrown at them by a small group of 'jeunes'. At the origin of the attack: looters who had come to steal from the bodies of the dead and wounded whatever they could carry away.

"They seemed to be helping the victims". Nathalie Michel, from the Alliance police trade union, describes the scene on air on Europe 1: "At 5.30 pm, while our colleagues were deploying, they see a group of 'jeunes' who approach and seem to be helping the victims. Very quickly, they realise that these individuals are there to rob the victims and especially the first corpses," says the trade union member indignantly.
Source: Europe1

An interesting question is whether the Muslims weren't just looting the corpses, what if they placed some obstruction on the track to produce the crash in the first place?

UPDATE: Haha. American Muslim has referenced this story and Pamela Geller's link to it.

Pamela Geller has posted Muslim “Youth” looting the dead at French Rail Crash.

Geller says:

“This is the second unexplained train crash in as many weeks. More bodies are still being recovered in a mysterious Quebec train disaster in Canada In this latest disaster in France, French Atlas readers tell me that Muslim “youths” were looting corpses at the train crash site. Most media neglected this monstrous bit of news; The Daily Telegraph makes a brief mention of the ghouls, referring to the Muslims as, ahem, “local people.”

Actually, according to the most recent Reuters report on the tragic Quebec train crash: The runaway train of 72 cars carrying crude oil had been parked uphill in the nearby town of Nantes. It started moving toward Lac-Megantic when its brakes failed, building speed and eventually jumping the tracks in the heart of town near the packed Musi-Cafe bar, shortly after 1 a.m. (0500 GMT) last Saturday.

The French train crash appears to have been caused by loose equipment, more specifically, a loose steel plate at a junction.

There have been reports of looters but those reports only mention “jeunes” and “local people” in their descriptions. No one anywhere mentions Muslims except for Islam vs Europe, Sheikh Yer’Mami and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs (and after them, the rest of the most vicious element of the Islamophobic echo chamber).

“Jeunes” simply means young people. No one but Geller and Islam vs Europe and other Islamophobic sites mention Muslims at all in relation to what happened in France. Who says that jeunes is “French journalist code for Muslims”? Who says “local people” is code for Muslims?

There is a reason that any respectable media have neglected Geller’s “monstrous bit of news”, and that is because it is not news, but simply another of Geller’s endless steam of sick Islamophobic fantasies.
Source: American Muslim

Everyone who follows French news stories about Muslims closely, and that's one of our specialities here, knows very well that "jeunes" is code for Muslims just as "Asian" is journalist code for Muslims in Britain.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Johnson | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union



Anonymous said...

The idiots at the Oxford Union Debate voted overwhelmingly IN FAVOUR OF the Motion that "Islam is a religion of peace." Just as their brainless, callow, poorly-instructed and propagandised predecessors did in 1933 when the Motion then (also voted overwhelmingly in favour of) was "This House will under no circumstances fight for this country." History is a cruel Taskmaster and thousands of those callow Oxford students fought and died with true courage, valour and integrity when Reality could no longer be denied and demanded their lives. The same will likely happen this time around also and let us hope these recent callow youth will rise to the challenge "and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire were to last a thousands years, men would still say, this was their Finest Hour." (Winston Churchill, who knew Islam for what it was, as he did Nazism, at a time when no one else was prepared to speak the truth.)


The correct action in dealing with looters of either bodies or property is to shoot them.

NG said...

Sick sick sick bastards.

Maria José said...

Muslims throw stones at emergency crews trying to rescue victims of French train wreck, then rob the dead.

Maria José said...

A WOMEN-ONLY tennis morning has been launched in Blackburn.

The privacy of the courts makes them suitable for Muslim women, director Waqar Hussain said.

Anonymous said...

I love diversity - encourage it, welcome it, embrace it - I hope that all of Europe is swamped by this 'diversity' - if you people are too stupid even to acknowledge it, you deserve it!! I just wish that I had the burkha monopoly!!

Maria José said...

"An interesting question is whether the Muslims weren't just looting the corpses, what if they placed some obstruction on the track to produce the crash in the first place?"

El presidente de la región de París, Jean Paul Huchon, sugirió que no se puede descartar un sabotaje, mientras que por su parte, el presidente de la empresa ferroviaria indicó que no descartan «ninguna hipótesis»

Local media said a group of people had attempted to steal from the victims and rescuers shortly after the crash and threw stones at emergency workers as they tried to reach passengers.

Anonymous said...

The followers of a religion that permits a man to loot the corpse of his wife by performing acts of necrophilia upon it are not going to be squeamish about looting the bodies of the filthy kuffar.

Anonymous said...

CZ: I seem to recall that a month or two ago, you had up an article about "youths" being seen to jump on and off French trains, either harassing passengers or obstructing the rails. It occurred to me at the time they might have been 'scouting parties', testing the swiftness of response by the trains automated/human operation to faults or disruption.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your research and posting!

Your article was also mentioned in a German version:

Jugendliche™ beteiligen sich an Aufräum- und Rettungsarbeiten nach Zugunglück in Frankreich, auf ihre Art

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, are you allowed to carry a gun with a permit in Canada? And if so, I would advise everyone of you able bodied men and women to buy a pistol, go to a few gun safety classes and start carrying a weapon. If caught one of these little "Ghouls" putting their hands all over my husband or any of my family's body while they lie dying or hurt and there would be a ghost. Sickening!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, we will need to fight them.

SAHANIS said...

Saudis have perfected the new war game Convert locals or send converts to a nation to destroy nation from within. Solutions are simple. All converts have no love for the nation they live but saudi arebia , send them to saudi arebia.

l'Insoumis said...

The oumma is a pile of shit dripping out the blood of the innocents.

Anonymous said...

Time to pack them all up and repatriate them all! It's, after all, what the crazies in the UN say that Israel must do w/all those Arabs who left expecting the Arab armies to push the Jews into the sea in 1948.

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