Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Only one of the rioters was incarcerated, and two were released by the correctional tribunal of Versailles on Monday.

"You can put a city to the sack and the law protects you," says Frédéric Lagache, national secretary of Alliance, the main police trade union, indignantly, after the riots in Trappes, denouncing "incomprehensible punishments". In fact, on Tuesday night, only one rioter slept in prison, because he already had a criminal record. Among the five accused that were judged by the Versailles correctional tribunal on Monday, three were sentenced but two were allowed to go free. The two others were discharged completely.
Source: Le Figaro


Kerry Owens said...

Hunt them down then have a good talk with them.

Anonymous said...

The law should be applied without partiality! Rioters should be dealt with quickly & with the full weight of the law!
Religion is no excuse for such wickedness!
Allah is not the GOD of the Torah / The Bible! YHWH is the GOD of CREATION; The GOD of Israel; The GOD of the Bible.
Islam is known to be a political ideology which wants to destroy the freedom of the Western nations.
Politicians & Police need to stop bowing to fear of upsetting Muslims.
Disobedience is disobedience - no matter who does it, they should reap the consequences of their actions.

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