Sunday, 21 July 2013
Last Sunday. A couple of elderly persons were walking on the banks of the Loire. It was around 5 pm, and the husband and wife had an unpleasant encounter on the Saint-Laurent riverbank.

Walking towards the bridge of Europe, the elderly people came across "four young women, of North African origin. Two were wearing clothes of a very bright orange. That attracts attention, my wife just looked at them, that's all?!", recalls the 73-year-old man. Angry and still deeply affected, even five days after the facts.

Not having stared at them at all therefore, according to the couple, the young women ("I would say they were about 20") then attacked the 71-year-old female who was out walking, making racist remarks about her, and pushing her. "They struck my wife. Shocked, she collapsed, I had to hold her."

At that moment, two men were passing along the riverbank in their car. Noting that people were gathered together as if for the start of a fight, they get out of the vehicle and also took the side of the four young women.

"They insulted us too." The man in his 70s, feeling that the situation could degenerate further, took his phone and managed to alert the police. The two men got into their car once again and disappeared. The four young women did the same, on foot, first walking quickly "then running, once they reached the fountain." They were swallowed up in the Madeleine district before the national police arrived on site. End of story...

A few days later, it is not the physical harm - suffered by his partner - that bothers him but the moral shock. "You shouldn't strike a 71-year-old woman, and treat her like that for no reason," he says, emotionally. "She says she's afraid, and that she can never walk on the banks of the Loire again."

The next day, Monday, the couple who had been attacked filed a complaint. The investigation is underway but for now has not been able to find their attackers.

This happened in Orléans.


Anonymous said...

So beware the coming Islamageddon. Once Muslims can take on the West there'll be an orgy of rape, murder, torture and mutilation that will make the two previous world wars seem like a family squabble. It may not happen in our lifetimes, but it will certainly happen in our children's or grandchildren's lifetimes.-

Anonymous said...

Even the muslim women can be very vicious and cruel. A woman who used to work as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia told me that sometimes it was the female employers who tortured the housemaids, the male employers might not do anything. But of course sometimes the male employers did that, or both males and females.

So, even the female muslims are victimized by Islam, they may be as evil and vicious as their male counterparts too.

Anonymous said...

This altercation sounds like a planned attack on an elderly Western couple; part of the intifada, and it also underlines a requirement of the Pact of Umar (pact of dhimmitude under which non-Moslems, even in their own lands, must show deference to Moslems and one of the requirements is that non-Moslems must give way on the public pathways to Moslems and should only really walk in the road, not on the pavements). When police and the law no longer enforce civilised standards of public social intercourse, it becomes necessary for people to form groups of concerned citizenry who can, and will, employ measured but effective response against these deliberate acts of civil strife and harassment of the native people.

leonore said...

Sex starved
and it seems quite a few women also.
This show quite clearly the lack of respect and hatred they have for non muslim people, which is regularly shown in other countries as well.
Often lethally
These are the normal Musloms we keep hearing av bout.

BlackbootJack said...

I'm not sorry to say this, but if this continues, some of those muslims will be taught a lesson. I can see some hanging from a telephone pole.

Anonymous said...

Is it considered racism when a white person is the victim? .

Anonymous said...

Obviously Muslims need to be returned to their country of origin since they can't deal with civilized people.

Anonymous said...

Let them try that crap in America and see how far they get! They would not be allowed to get away with it or to walk away from it!

Anonymous said...

buy a gun, old dude and use it next time, then walk away quickly before the police come.

Anonymous said...

At the very least everyone should carry a cellphone with a camera. He obviously had I cell phone. He should have taken their photos. if caught will they be deported? We need to change the laws to make this behaviour much more costly. The politicians have spent too much time sucking up to them. Time to get serious and boot them out of the West altogether. Pass the list around everyday, so we can all keep the troublemakers out.

Per Liljendahl said...

I realy dont understand what the problem is? Throu the goat fuckers out of your wonderfull country! !! And every modern country as well!

Anonymous said...

You need guns. Lots of guns. (and ammo)

Anonymous said...

Gun is the soLution. - paLtieL 4:12

Herman Whitlock said...

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